A Monthly Photography contest by INSOLENCE !

Hello again ^^

First I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and that 2009 will be the most fantastic and happy year !!!

I am very glad to announce here the official beginning of a great monthly contest !

Intimate Light will be an open photography contest, sponsored by INSOLENCE and AVENUE Models.

Every month of the coming year, a jury made of designers and communication professionals will select amongst your entries, the 10 best compositions, light , appearance and creativity works, in pictures of you or any model wearing INSOLENCE lingerie.
Then this same jury will decide on the best of these 10 images to select the grand winner of the month.

The winner will be offered a $L10,000 price from INSOLENCE, and a $L1,000 rebate on registration to the AVENUE Models Academy. The picture will then be published in AVENUE Magazine, and featured in high traffic blogs and groups.

The others prizes are as follow :

2nd : $L5,000 Insolence Storecard,
3rd : $L2,000 Insolence Storecard,
4th to 10th : $L1,000 Insolence Storecards.

The rules are simple :

** Wear the INSOLENCE lingerie of your choice or ask a model to wear it for you :)

** Make the best picture following the theme of the month.

** Make sure you include the INSOLENCE mainstore in your picks.
This is my reward on the operation !
Pictures coming from people who do not have the lm in their picks will be DISCARDED.

** Every month, before the 8th, send your image, as a high quality JPG to

** Make sure you include your SL name in the file name ! Or we will not be able
to find who it belongs to !

** Only ONE image per participant, per month. If you send several images,
ONLY the FIRST will be taken in account.
So make sure you send a definitive version !

** Members of the Jury CANNOT submit entries.

** No complete nudity will be accepted, or sexual depictions. No children avatars !

** The Jury has all powers to decide if a picture doesn't comply with the above rule.

** The final decision of the Jury is definitive.

** Postprocessing is allowed. The final jury decision will not be based
on technical skills, though.

** Images must be minimum 1024*1024 , maximum 2048*2048.
Any sizes in between are fine,
images can be square, portait or landscape.
Images must be sent as a high quality JPG file. Minimum of 100 dpi.

** The image published in AVENUE Magazine will be resampled to
a maximum of 1024 pixels in the biggest dimension

** By sending your image to the contest, you accept that you transfer
all copyrights and ownership of the said image to camilla Yosuke.
We will NOT make another use of your image than publishing
it in AVENUE Magazine, in various blogs on internet, and displaying
it in the INSOLENCE mainstore,
BUT we will NOT accept royalties claims of any sort !

** Entries that come after 8th of each month, 24:00 SLT, will be
postponed to the following month.

** The winners will be annouced first in AVENUE Magazine,
in the next issue after 8th of each month.
Then they will be announced in the INSOLENCE Updates group and blog.
The winners will also a receive a letter from INSOLENCE
and AVENUE Models, with all the explanations about how to claim their prizes.


Now you know everything !

For the first edition of the INTIMATE LIGHT contest, wich will be the January edition, the details are as follows:

Entries will be sent to intimate.light@gmail.com , starting January the 9th , and before 8th of February 2009, 24:00 SLT

The theme for this month will be : Icy weather, cozy at home.

The results will be published in AVENUE Magazine in the first week of February 2009.

So, warm your Hasselblad, set your lights, and reveal your creativity !!!

Good luck and a warm hug to everyone !

regards, camilla


A new Dress at INSOLENCE !

Hello !!

Given the huge succes of the little Christmas gift that I have been releasing last week ( you have been more than 2000 to get it in 5 days ! ) , I have thought that some of you might like to find the little party dress in other colors and layers :)

So I dived into my fabric stock, and picked from it some nice tones of that same sequined satin, to create five new colors for the Jaime Dress :

Black, for a classy touch in a formal though quite sexy Dinner dress:

Purple, elegant and outstanding:

Really precious, to drive all eyes on you, in Gold:

A more casual Kaki:

Intemporal in silver:

Of course you can also get the Red dress, in the Christmas Outfit, which is still free until 31st of December :), so I didn't set this vendor for sale yet .

Each of the 6 colors comes at the friendly price of $L200, in 2 layers so that it can be worn above tattoos or under a coat :) , and includes a lovely beaded necklace in a matching tone.

I have had some really good time creating this little dress, tried to make it really classy but also really sexy, keeping close to my main lingerie theme. The dress is quite short and the back is cut as low as possible to reveal our hip and back lines. This is not really lingerie, but I guess this is one of the smallest pieces of clothing one would dare wearing in a formal party this new year :) I hope this attempt in creating clothing will be the first of a long serie to come in the future, but don't worry, I will keep creating precious underwear for your hottest needs ! Some new models are already in the pipeline and should be released quite soon, so stay tuned :)

Hoping you will like the new colours of the dress, and that you will take this SLurl to directly jump to the spot in the INSOLENCE mainstore :)

OOh I was to forget !! Santa is still there waiting for you, with plenty of goodies in his bag !! So don't miss it and come before new year, after that he will be gone in snowy countries and we will have to behave one more year until he's back !

A frosty kiss to you all,


PS - The Jaime Dress is sold NO COPY, NO MOD, TRANSFER, excepted for the prim parts which are MOD.


A Happy Christmas to you all !!

Someone is waiting for you at the INSOLENCE mainstore !

He is rather big, has a white beard and hair, a funny red pointy hat matching his clothes. See ? He landed here like last year , and he has a whole lot of goodies in his bag !!! Sit on his lap, you will see what I mean :D
He brought some really nice INSOLENCE gifts for the luckiest of you, amongst other little friendly thingies...

I couldn't let him do all the job, so I have been sewing and sewing and sewing all night, to prepare my own special gift for you all.

Just next to Santa's chair, you will find a little gift box, with a picture of me on it ( no, I'm not naked on it, uh ) .

The box contains a whole Christmas outfit, including a sexy party dress, a lingerie set, stockings, shoes, a collar , and all the love I could make fit into it, as a my sincere and friendly thanks to you all, for having followed me all the year long, rewarding me so often with your awesome and nice feedback ^^;

So, what are you waiting for now ? Pick a shoe pair ( thick ones, there is quite some snow ) , grab your friend by the hand and come to the mainstore to be spoiled and celebrate this new Christmas together !!

With a HUUUUUUUUUUUGE bunch of kisses and hugs to everyone, hoping to see plenty of nice people there !!



PS : the Santa gifts are NO MOD, COPY, NO TRANS
Santa and his gifts will stay until new year, so hurry and get your slice !

Christmas Release @ INSOLENCE !

Oooh so you say you have been good this year !

Quite honnestly, I don't believe it, at all. But, beeing in an extraordinary good mood, and given that my friend Santa ( yes, we are buddies since some time now ) seems to be quite forgiving too, we will forget all the tricks and naughty things you have done this year, and try to spoil you all as much as we can !

Let's begin by a new lingerie release..

Jaime is a new satin ensemble, very classic in its lines, but made of the shiniest satins and sweetest lace bits that one could imagine.
This set was designed with most attention on getting the most rich satin touch, and as an attempt to find the perfect curves for a classic Bra, Panties and Garters set. I tried to make this one as the perfect winter lingerie ensemble, this one you want to wear under a warm feathered coat when going in town...so that you can reveal it later in the night to that special person ^^ The 'special person' is not mandatory, of course, as the Jaime set is also a great selfish piece of clothing , for you to enjoy alone , curled in a deep sofa, reading a winter story, as you see the snow flakes falling by the window and you think, oh my god, I'm so just good here !

Enough talk, here are some pictures of the different colors available, all beeing rich warm winter tones :

Christmas Red first !

A warm metallic copper :

Classy Silver :

Deep .. Purple : (sorry, this was too tempting )

Luxurious in Gold :

and a sweet green :

Santa told me not to forget tattoo lovers and mix and matchers, so, the set comes with all the layers combinations, you can wear it above your tattos, under a dress...

Jaime is available directly to your right when entering the mainstore, but this SLurl will bring you to the spot :)

The Jaime pictures were taken in the fabulous secret icy cave in Cu Mara, a wonderful magic winter themed place in SL by Cuwynne Deerhunter. Take a moment to visit his creation in Cu Mara ! The hat of the snowman is the key to the secret cave :)


PS - the Jaime outfits are NO MOD, NO COPY, TRANS


A New Delicate Lingerie Outfit @ INSOLENCE

Fall goes its way, now the garden is turning to an explosion of fire colors. I have been too lazy to go outside and remove the leaves from the ground, it makes it look like a rich persian carpet. The low sun sends its golden rays through the windows, reaching my feet on the corner of the sofa. Its a good and warm feeling...

I discover that I fall in love with this sofa. Most of the evenings I stay here, reading or having a glass of precious wine, deeply curled in the cuffins.
I had to translate this feeling again into a piece of lingerie, hoping that I can share this soft pleasure I have these days with you, and that you will find YOUR sofa, to fall in love with and just enjoy yourselves, barely but sweetly covered with that delicate piece of tulle.

Barbara is a a totally selfish, light still warm embroided set. I added soft curly silk frills that are both a caress to the eyes and the skin, and a few bows of the same soft material, to make us feel really desirable and warm.

The set comes in five automnal colours :

Black :

Chocolate :

Purple :

Teal :

Wine :

plus a lighter White :

I couldn't resist taking the pictures once again at the Rustica Castle and surrounding sims ( teleport there ) , because honnestly, I couldn't find another place that expresses so good the feeling I had in mind when creating this set. I was wandering in this beautiful maze, finding really hidden spots, when I got caught halfy naked, taking the pictures, by Maxwell Graf, the creator and owner of the place. Thank you again for his work and hospitality !

Now, for the annoying part...

To create the sculpted prim frills of this set, I used a new type of sculpted maps, which is only correctly displayed using a 1.21 Release Candidate Viewer or a more recent version. ( http://forums.secondlife.com/showthread.php?t=278017&page=1&pp=15 )

This means, that using a 1.21 RC viewer or above, the long, thin frills will be viewed correctly, with full detail and smooth shapes.


You can get this RC viewer here : http://secondlife.com/support/downloads.php, look for 'Release Candidate'

I have been thinking longly if I had to release this set with this new feature, or wait until it is part of the regular viewer, but given that viewer updates are no longer mandatory ( thanks Qarl for this info ) , I decided to give it a try. I hope its not too harmful... I included a disclaimer in the folders to explain the problem and how to ( easily ! ) fix it. Hopefully all this will become obsolete soon, when long sculpties maps are committed to the main viewer.

Anyway, the prim parts are not mandatory to wear, even if they are an important part of the set to make it look really how I wanted. They are modifiable, so that you can fit them to your shape. Once again, they are quite close to the body, so if you don't manage to see them for editing, detach them first, rezz them on the floor to make them larger, then wear again !

Well, I'm sorry for the long note, but I had to say all this so that you can fully enjoy the same warm feeling I have, wearing this on my loved sofa's cuffins !

This SLURL will lead you directly to the hot spot: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Venom/74/152/28

With all my tender thoughts,


PS - These sets are sold NO COPY, NO MOD, TRANSFER ( excepted for the prim parts that are MOD )


Fall has caught me by surprise

I spent some time in the garden, took care of the plants and flowers. Since a few days, the temperature in the evening is quite fresh, this took me back into the house. I put new , warm carpets and some cuffins near the fireplace, so now its really comfy inside.

This change in weather influed on my mood, I have been thinking mansions, big houses. I've been asking myself what sexy would mean if I lived in a big castle, surrounded by old massive furniture, rich curtains, letting slight domination ideas play with a severe will to be more attractive than ever.

This is how the Lilly outfit was born. I searched for the most intricate flower patterned satins, shiny, thick though fluid ribbons, and some delicate lace bits. I married them in a furiously sexy set, cut decided curves to enhance the spine and hip shapes, barely hiding the bottom lines with frilly ribbons...

I choosed classic warm, rich fall tones for the set:

These pictures were taken in the new amazing castle at Rustica . The creator of this masterpiece, Maxwell Graf, and his assistant Lyyric Fei, made me the honour to accept that I shoot photographies there, providing the perfect surrounding for my set. A big thank you to them ! You really want to go admire and evaluate the amazing quality of their furniture, and the incredible building and texturing work that has been done at Rustica and the neighboor regions.

Lilly comes with a variety of variations, to fit with your mood or clothing. The set includes a long corset, another shorter corset, and a classic bra, together with a really tiny string and a ribbon laced pantie. All these are declined into all the possible layers combinations, so if you have a tattoo or want to mix clothes you'll always find a solution.

The lace attachments are modifiable, so that you can fit them to your shape. They are designed to come very close to the body, so if they are too small to edit on your shape, just rezz them on the floor, scale them up a little, then wear again. The edit can be complex, take your time, prefer 'local' ruler for edit mode, get help from more experimented builders if you are lost !

I really hope this ensemble will satisfy the most exigent, and bring you that warm, comfy sexy feeling I get wearing them on the sofa as I write these lines.
Hoping to meet you soon at the INSOLENCE mainstore !



PS - These sets are sold NO COPY, NO MOD, TRANSFER, excepted for the lace parts that are MOD.


ooo I love these !!!

Hello !!

I am just back from a short holidays pause, working on new releases that should appear ... soon.

Yesterday, the magic side effects of search, got me to discover something which I really love, and which has nothing to do with fashion, but that I couldn't keep for me. I'm sure you will LOVE these too :)

A quick TP sent me to http://slurl.com/secondlife/Plush Kappa/84/228/21,
home of Plantpets, where I found the first GROWING plants I have ever seen in SL. I have heard about some long ago, but these are really stunning and cute.

I spent a moment in the store watching all the nice pictures, and trying to understand how it works, which is really easy ... take care of your plant, she will be happy and blossom. Leave her for too long, and she will shrink and get dry.
There is a little moisture indicator, and you can know about your plant's health in a little menu.
You can also add someone in the list of people who are allowed to take care of them.
Another nice feature, is that these are temporary rezzed, so, although it does weight on the server, your prim count will not raise despite the plants are quite complex and beautiful :)

As I was reading and discovering, the lucky chair called my letter, and I was offered a beautiful Blue Jacynth, which is growing in my home now :) Hopefully if you visit their store, your letter will come too, so hurry there, take some time to browse all the varieties and cross fingers ;)
I have been surprised by the speed of growth, which you can set, but even at the lowest speed, I found they are a bit fast. I could talk with Bruce Liebknecht, the creator, and he told me he and his staff are working on much slower ones.

I couldn't help but offer one to some friend of mine, which is easy with the 'gift' option of the vendors. As you can see, these guys have thought about everything, and the contact I had was really friendly. How could it be else when talking about flowers ?

The plant themselves and particularly the flowers are absolutely delicate, the texturing and sculpt work is simply amazing. I have been drawing flowers for some time, and I have to say I admire the sense of observation and spacial perception of these people. No doubt that they are flowers lovers, but also really good 3D artists, who have know how to express the subtle beauty of petals and leaves with the rather -yet- limited features of SL. I just incline with respect ^^

The care part of the plants is really funny and easy, it somewhat reminds me my old tamagoshi, which must be in a deep coma right now, but when it was a silly, noisy messy pet, here we are talking poetry and grace. --- more after the cut ---

Plantpets offer a reseller vendor for free, which allows you to sell their products in your own store. You will be rewarded a commission, which varies between 20 and 40 % depending on the amount you sell.
No need to say I have instantly grabbed one and installed it at the Insolence mainstore, in the hope of helping spraying these unique plants all across SL :)

It is located just at the opposite side of the store when you enter, and you will see a growing flower here. The vendor is limited to 11 species, so if like me you fall in love with them, I strongly push you to have a walk to their mainstore, in http://slurl.com/secondlife/Plush Kappa/84/228/21

Now I will have to stop writing, I think you got it that I'm totally in love with these plants, but I need to go water mine, then try to get back on my lingerie sets.

a huge hug for flowers lovers,



Summer, Flowers, New Lingerie Ensemble @ INSOLENCE !

Its so hot outside on the terrasse, I step inside into the shadow, and enjoy the freshness of the terracota tiling under my bare feet. Looking through the shutters, the eucalyptus are slowly waving in the thick air of this end of afternoon.

Summer is really here now !

I love summer ! And, I love flowers ! So I decided to spend some time painting some on the lightest silk I had, and assemble it into the prettiest ensemble that I could. I really put all my love into this design, I hope I manage to bring you a bit through it ^^

The Flore ensemble ( I found that the Roman godness of flowers is called Flore :) , is a light, cute as hell, soft tones flowers set.
It includes two panties versions, one as regular panties, and a string side; two bra versions : a triangle and a half cup. A prim addon can be added to both these bra versions to change them into a light as air, sexy but sweet teddy. Little ties can be added to catch the eyes on your belly.
All these come in both undies and top layers, so you should be able to mix and match easily if you feel so or wear tattoos.

It comes in six colour variations , namely :

White :

Pink :

Peach :

Lavander :

Green :

Cream :

Some tones are quite close to each other, but look closely, there is a delicate difference :)

I want to catch your attention on the fact that the teddy prim part will probably need editing to fit your shape. I made it modifiable, and added a spare copy in the case when you would mess it up - so that the whole thing remains transfer . Editing the teddy is an easy task... take your time, ask some advices to your skilled builder friends, breath and think your moves :) The quick way to adjust it would be to scale and move the whole linkset. If it still doesn't match, go into 'edit linked parts', use the local ruler, and adjust each panel, again, slowly ...
Please understand that I can't edit it for everyone, and that I can't either refund or exchange every messed up set ...

This said, I hope that you will like it as much as I loved painting it, and I hope to meet you very soon at the store for a flowery moment.

Follow this slurl to be spawned directly in the right place :
Insolence Mainstore

With all my love and thoughts,

kind regards,

PS -

These outfits are sold NO COPY, NO MOD ( excepted prim parts, wich ARE MOD ), TRANSFER.


Vanessa's cool jeans

Evening all !!

I rarely blog clothing,mmm, in fact, I never do, as I don't really have the time, and you all do it just so good :)
But today I have had the chance to cross a sweet person named Vanessa Hamer and my eyes popped out at her jeans. I asked where they were from, and an instant later I had them in my inventory, as she is the creator of these really, simply cool denims.
There are quite a lot of jeans in SL, but I have always had difficulties to find real neat ones. Well, this is done, so I wanted to share my little find :

The detailing is real good, and the folds give these jeans a real natural feeling. I love the wraist cut too !! Notice how the bottoms have a cleanly crafted seam, which is quite rare and hard to achieve on no prim pants !

The texture work is quite neat, I can't wait to see other stuff by Vanessa, she is certainly promised to a great SL future :)
Well I hope to have been able to make you want to dress cool for the next time you don't need a bal gown, if its the case, just give a quick TP to ~Vanessa's ~ sweet little shop at Serendipity Dreams 139/193/32.

The shirt is the top part of a sweet freebie dress by Surfline ,necklace is by Naughty, the bracelet is by Danielle Jewels, and the hair from Zero Style.

By the way, the picture were taken at the Dresden Gallery of Arts SL replica, which is definetly a masterpiece and MUST see at : Dresden Gallery



A Sunny Lingerie outfit @ INSOLENCE

After having spent too long in a creepy dark basement, I walked up the stairs and figured out the SUN was SHINING :)

So I pulled the sewing machine on the terrasse, and began to work on a fresh new outfit , hoing it would bring summer sooner.

The Melanie ensemble is a simple shaped, though highly detailed embroided tulle set. Every single flower and leaf was hand drawn between two orange juice sips, on the lightest tulle that I could find in the fabric stock.

Please meet the beautiful Ronnie Hastings, MISS SL UNIVERSE 2009 Pre-finalist if you please, modelling for the new set pictures :

I added a black version, wich is a bit less summer like, for the black lingerie inconditionals :)

The outfit includes a Corset, a Bra, Panties and a pair of light matching stay ups.

I hope this will make you want to have an orange juice too, laying on the terrasse recliners ^^

This SLURL will bring you to the right place, just left when entering the main store :

A big sunny kiss,


PS -

These outfits are sold NO COPY, NO MOD, TRANSFER.



I am very honoured to introduce today the begining of a new range of the INSOLENCE products.

MISTY LINE is a really, really HOT, new, upscale facet in the INSOLENCE underwear.

Use the pink arrow to access the rest of this entry ( non PG )