Vanessa's cool jeans

Evening all !!

I rarely blog clothing,mmm, in fact, I never do, as I don't really have the time, and you all do it just so good :)
But today I have had the chance to cross a sweet person named Vanessa Hamer and my eyes popped out at her jeans. I asked where they were from, and an instant later I had them in my inventory, as she is the creator of these really, simply cool denims.
There are quite a lot of jeans in SL, but I have always had difficulties to find real neat ones. Well, this is done, so I wanted to share my little find :

The detailing is real good, and the folds give these jeans a real natural feeling. I love the wraist cut too !! Notice how the bottoms have a cleanly crafted seam, which is quite rare and hard to achieve on no prim pants !

The texture work is quite neat, I can't wait to see other stuff by Vanessa, she is certainly promised to a great SL future :)
Well I hope to have been able to make you want to dress cool for the next time you don't need a bal gown, if its the case, just give a quick TP to ~Vanessa's ~ sweet little shop at Serendipity Dreams 139/193/32.

The shirt is the top part of a sweet freebie dress by Surfline ,necklace is by Naughty, the bracelet is by Danielle Jewels, and the hair from Zero Style.

By the way, the picture were taken at the Dresden Gallery of Arts SL replica, which is definetly a masterpiece and MUST see at : Dresden Gallery