SKINS upgrade and new makeups

After a good and enjoyed summer break, I went back to the workshop to answer a widely asked request: you girls want new makeups and some fixes on the INSOLENCE Skins.

So here it is !

First, I added 4 new makeups to the whole line, namely these are :

Violet, Raspberry, Brown and Peach , here are samples on various faces :

These all were inspired by this sunny season, with fruity colours and light coverage. Expect a new set for Fall, this time in a more nightlife and classic mood ^^

The second and biggest change is a general upgrade on all the skins.
I've been asked many many times for those fixes !

So, what changes ?
Take a look at the two above pictures:
*** The neck in the original version showed an area with too much light, this was from the actual photography I used as source. I dimmed it an smoothed edges on the new version.
*** The left breast had a little red spot. This was on the actual model too, but it seems the majority of you didn't want it. Its not here anymore.
*** The general breast aspect was ...flat. I added a slight and smooth shading to give a more generous cleavage.
*** For PG reasons, you don't see it on the above pictures, but I also modified the nipples, they are now slightly more precise, without becoming a crumble cake surface ^^

I've been thinking a lot about how to handle this upgrade, I asked the best fashion specialists ( camilla waves ^^ ) their opinion , and I finally decided the following :

As I really can NOT every request among thousand people, and trying to be as fair as my time allows,
I will EXCHANGE at NO CHARGE the skins bought ***AFTER JULY THE 15th , 2007***
I WILL NOT EXCHANGE the skins bought before this date, with NO exception.

Hoping to meet you soon and that you enjoy the skins as much as I enjoyed creating these,

Best Regards ^^