Winter Satin Lingerie Release @ INSOLENCE !

Once again, trees left all their leaves on the ground, birds are gone for better skies far away, wind is blowing dark, cold and sharp. The streets are empty at night, but we can see warm lights by the windows, everyone went to the comfort of their houses.

Thinking about this new winter coming, I wanted to create a special lingerie set that could express those very opposed feelings. I choose the most icy shining satin for basis, as a symbol of the the cold and light air, and the richest embroidery to draw the tree leaves in fire colors, as the symbol of the warm feeling of a home.

The Ange Satin sets come as a three pieces lingerie ensembles, with the most classical shapes and design. Only the very best, richest and most delicate fabrics were used, and were hand assembled with all the possible care into a jewel case to shelter and honour the woman's body.

The Ange Satin sets are proposed in six winter tones :

Romantic, Soft Rose :

Enigmatic Purple :

Ice Mint :

Natural, warm green in Leaf :

Luxurious Golden :

and burning in Copper tones :

Please note that ALL the color tones DO INCLUDE both a bra AND a corset ! I simply choose to take the pictures this way !

As usual, the sets include both underwear and top layers, plus an extra Jacket layer for the corsets, so you can wear them in any possible way that you could imagine !

I sincerely hope you will feel the love that I have put in sewing these new sets, trying to keep in the highest INSOLENCE quality and spirit, and that we may have the luck to meet at the mainstore.

With all my tender thoughts,

camilla Yosuke

PS - the sets are sold NO MOD, NO COPY, TRANSFER


More Sheerness delight @ INSOLENCE !

I am very honoured to announce the release of a new, sweet sexy lingerie set at INSOLENCE !

Back in the very beginning when I designed my first lingerie ensemble, I choose a very spicy sheer tulle as base material. The set was called Salome, and it has remained one of the best sold in my collection, all over the years.

So today, with a little more experience in sewing almost immaterial fabrics, I decided to give another try at resolute, deliberate sheerness for the daring and deliberately sexy girls in you !

This is how the Dee ensembles were born. I used a net and polka pattern tulle to wrap shapes as lightly as possible , and the thinnest ribbons to draw the expression of desire on skin, and tried to play with the frontier of vintage spirit in the cuts.

The Dee sets come in four autumnal colours, namely :

Black for the most classical :

False innocence in White :

A touch of vintage in Cream :

and a warm but so light Chocolate :

All the sets include both a large, comfy Boxer panty, and a sweet, lighter triangle one, at your convenience. Next come a seductive bra, along with a semi girdle style garter belt, and finally a four classic colours nylon stockings set.

All these are declined in all underwear and top layers combinations, to allow you to wear the sets with any tattoo or wardrobe elements that you could think of.

You can see the sets right now at the INSOLENCE mainstore, by jumping directly to this link !

Marketplace versions will follow shortly !

Hoping to meet you soon at the store,
With all my sweetest thoughts,

camilla Yosuke


A New Summer Lingerie Set @ INSOLENCE !

Hello Everyone !

I first want to express my sincere apologies for having remained silent and inactive during such a long period of time... First life, family, fate made that I have been unable to work here in the last monthes.
It seems, though, that things are now settling down, and that I have some time to spend in this wonderful world again.

This is with this hope, and with an even greater renewed pleasure, that I am releasing today a new sweet lingerie set to beautify our virtual bodies !

The Elsa lingerie sets were created with a strong summer feeling in mind. It is hot out here, and you want to wear something light, fresh and easy, while still remaining highly seductive and sweet for the eyes !

I hope these goals were met with this cute liberty lingerie set, mixing the thinnest cotton printed panels, precious floral lace ribbons, and a definetly daring sheer back.

Keeping straight in the spirit and crafting quality of the whole INSOLENCE line, the
Elsa sets come in five light summer liberty tones :

Baby Blue :

Fresh Green :

Sweet Pink :

Soft Purple :

and pure White :

While the White set could perfectly fit for a bridal occasion, the whole color range is just light and easy, just what you want under a light long cotton dress in a warm evening breeze.

All the Elsa sets come with a four stockings ensemble, . The included stockings colors are : White, Nude, Grey and light Black, making it easy to match with any outfit.

As usual, the sets include many layers choices, so that you will always find the correct combination, whatever tattoo, dress or shoes you might decide to wear.

Everything is available right now at the INSOLENCE mainstore, just follow this SLurl if you want to be directly spawned at the new sets location :

I hope this late summer release can find its place in your drawers, and that it will be a new occasion to feel and express even more beauty all around !!

With all my love,


PS - The sets are sold NO COPY, NO MODIFY, TRANSFER


Valentine's Day Lingerie Release @ INSOLENCE

I think its colder than ever outside these days ! I mean, seriously, you can't make a step without fearing to slip and break a bone, its all freeze and snow all around. Time again to stay at home under cuffins, with big socks and hot chocolate. And when your very special ones brings it, hot and smoking, and you find they thought about adding marshmallows, and the marshmallows are slowly melting in the milk... your heart goes warm, you can't do anything but smile and hold the mug in your hands, winter is pushed away from home, and four letters the color of the melting candy are above your head... LOVE !

I'm not too much into Days and celebrations, the Day of This, the Day of That, but Valentine's Day has my stamp of approval ! How can all these Days look serious when this one is about the only thing that makes any sense, any truth on this crazy planet ?

So I spent some time at the table again, with the hope I could bring my little stone to the bridge of love, in the form of another sweet lingerie set, in which you will have understood I have put all the ... love I could give :)

Cecile is a delicate, light embroidered tulle set, with a touch of lace and satin, designed as an appealing though innocent ornament for the loved woman. Do you think wearing it will be a gift for your loved one ? Or do they think offering it to you is a sign of their passion for you ?

Cecile comes as a three pieces set, giving the option to wear it light and simple in the Bra version, or more covering and sexy in the Corset version.
All this in 5 love-marshmallow tones plus a classic black :

Pure as love can be in White:

Most tender in soft Pink:

Evanescent Lavander:

Honey Sugar, in Gold:

Fresh Mint, in Teal:

And, is this liquorice ?

I included various stay-up stockings, from light white to deep black, and a matching tone in each box, just so that you have them in the drawer if needed ! Up to you !

As usual, I made all the layers available in this set, so no worries if you tattooed your beloved name and need to wear it above, or for mixing it with any other clothes you may think of !

I could sing Love in entire chapters, but this notecard has a limited amount of space, and I am not a good writer, so instead of boring you, I invite you to come and have a look , would it be for yourself, or for a gift for your lover...
Of course you can also be the one who is given a gift, so give them a hint if they don't know what to offer...
You know, like "I'm not sure a girl ever has enough lingerie"

In case they are really lost, here is a link to bring them directly to the good spot !

With all the Love I have in stock, and hoping to meet you soon at the store, I send you all a noisy kiss on the nose,