Happy Chritsmas from INSOLENCE !

I made this sweet little satin set as a way to wish a very Happy Christmas to everyone !
This is my little gift for all of you who have been following me through the years, for all my fantastic customers, for all the amazing bloggers, creators, designers, event organisers, Linden people, friends, not so friends, boys, girls, human, not so human, and all the ones I forget !
I hope it will find its way to your home under the Christmas tree, and to the homes of your friends !
I'm sending it to all the groups I have access to, but you can also pick yours for free at the INSOLENCE Mainstore, or from my SL Marketplace Store.

Again I send you all my best wishes and love for the end of this crazy year, may you be close to those you cherish and love !



Santa Landed at INSOLENCE !

Santa just landed at the INSOLENCE Mainstore ! He has plenty of really sweet INSOLENCE gifts in his big bag, and is waiting for you to come and sit on his lap :D
I hope you have been nice this year !

Follow this link to meet him in person !

As a side note,

I wanted to let you know that the recently released Lauren Lingerie sets are now available for purchase at my SL Marketplace !

Hoping to meet you at Santa's feet,

with all my love


A New Winter Lingerie Set @ INSOLENCE !

Just in time before holidays, I am glad to announce the release of a new sweet lingerie ensemble for the winter season !

As a continuation of the INSOLENCE tradition of upscale intimate designs, this set was created with the highest level of exigence for crafting and materials quality. While the lightest caress of tulle wraps the skin in absolute sheer sexiness, the finest hand embroidered floral theme drives the eyes in a swirl of intricate details. This piece of lingerie wants to be a painting of passion, elegance and seduction on the canvas of the woman's skin, and to be proudly worn and exposed as the expression of beauty.

The Lauren sets come with six rich winter tones, modelled by the gorgeous Ashlee Naome :

The Sweetest must be Pink :

Copper is Warm and Rich :

Purple is Calm and Relaxed :

Gold is Absolute Luxury :

Red is in Fire :

and Silver is for Pure Elegance :

All the sets come with a variety of layers, so they can be worn, mixed with, under or above almost any tattoo or clothing, for your best experience.

They are available right now at the INSOLENCE mainstore new releases area !

I hope you will enjoy this design as much as I liked creating it, would it be for yourself or as a gift to someone you love !

With all my sweet thoughts,