Like, its-about-time lingerie release by INSOLENCE

Sometimes life gets so complicated you don't even know where you live...
I have just finished to move to another continent, and, as little surprising that it may sound, it has been a wonderful mess ! You never imagine how deep can go administrative paper work when changing country :D Hopefully, LL staff has been very nice and reactive about that, and I want to thank them here if they are listening ...

I also want to thank everyone for their patience with me these last monthes, and specially to those who helped me all along that crazy period, and even more specially to all of you who are still tuned on the group for new releases ^^;

All this to say, that I have had all the difficulties to find time to create anything lately, but I managed to gather some gorgeous fabric pieces and finally am coming with ...

an "its-about-time" winter lingerie release !

The Deborah lingerie ensemble is just what you would expect for a deep winter underwear set.
Warm, covering, but still absolutely sweet and appealing, It was created with the finest embroided satin and delicate lace to enhance the curvy cut of the design.

Deborah as usual ( can we say usual after so long ??? ), comes in six warm tones for the season :

Classic Beige :

Mysterious Purple :

Imperial in Blue :

Icy Silver :

Glamorous in Gold :

and just...sexy as hell in Black and Red :

The set was created with highest quality in mind, and I've been chasing again the slightest flaw, as an attempt to keep straight in the most pure "Insolence" crafting spirit. I hope the most demanding of you will find an echo to their quest with this ensemble !

Again, I made all possible layers combinations available in the set, so that you will have no problem to wear it with any other clothing, tattoo or mix that you can imagine.

You will also find a 4 stockings set in the box, so you don't have to dig for your older Insolence ensembles if you need to go out in town and want to match your dress !
Each of the 6 color in the set comes with the 4 following stockings tones, that you can see on the pictures : Shiny Black, Nude, Light Grey, and White.

So, here it is ! I hope this comes in time for your last minute Xmas gifts !!!!

Please feel very welcome to teleport to this slurl , where you will find this very last minute Xmas release at the Insolence Mainstore.

I send you all a huge box with all my love, all my tender thoughts for the Christmas time, all the possible fun for Holidays if you have,

and a big noisy kiss on everyone's nose XXXX to get your pardon for the laaaaaate....

sweetly yours,



Another New Glamorous Lingerie Set at INSOLENCE !

When you believe sun will stay forever, sun goes away. We had such a rain I have had to put everything back inside..including myself. Temperature dropped so much I even lighted the fireplace several days.
So I found myself again in my beloved sofa's arms, wrapped in a wide english blanket, trying to think what we will wear when fall really installs.

Inspired by the fire colors of the trees outside, but still nostalgic of the blossom times, I imaginated this new set, mixing rich fall tones flowers embroidry, with that sweetest sheer tulle I always loved to work with.
This turned out in a delicate, intricated and elegant lingerie ensemble, that kind of set you don't want to wear as underwear, but as a light night dress, to reveal your body under a caress of seduction, pride and nostalgy.

The Isabel ensembles includes a long open tulle camisole, a simple rigged bra, matching panties and seamed stockings, all of which share the same delicate flower pattern, embroided in the richest tones for the coming fall :

Lets begin by the most symbolic tone, Amber, this was the first that came to me, watching the trees outside:

Amethyst for the emotive minded:

Royal in Aquamarine:

Forestal in Emerald:

Hot as Lava in Ruby:

And for those who can't wait for an icy feeling, in Silver:

Maybe I will repeat myself, but all these come with every layers possible, so that you can proudly wear it above your tattoos, or mix it with day clothes if you dare :)
Talking about this, there is still a little glitch in SL that makes that if you wear this kind of clothing as underpants/undershirt, or as pants/shirt, there is a tiny line of texture missing in the hip sides region. This is not due to my texturing , but to the SL viewer way to draw textures on avatars. As a workaround, I included a Jacket version of the long camisole, on which the problem does not appear. Think about this if you want perfect appearence or if you shoot pictures !

With this set I tried to keep alive the great pleasure of working with high quality in mind, chasing all details and enjoying every moment of hand painting flowers, for your best pleasure and satisfaction, I hope you will feel the sincere love I put in these pieces, and that I will have the pleasure to meet you at the INSOLENCE mainstore !

With all my thanks for your continued support and wonderful feedback,

kind regards,


New HOT Fishnet release at INSOLENCE !

Oh Dear this summer has been so HOT !
No way to cool down. I have tried everything from staying bare foot all day on the terracotta tiles, immersing every two hours in the neighboors pools, living in front of the open fridge...I keep feeling like a lazy cat, and can't move a finger without getting all sweaty...

Hot, sweat, lazy cat... what happens to me ? My brain goes into associations...and I go on a naughty mood again !
I didn't need much more than that and your frequent lovely requests for some hotter sets, to ( slowly but surely ) crawl until the sewing machine, and create a new spicy set for the coming dawn.

Lea is a direct, deliberately outrageous and naughty fishnet lingerie line. Staying within classic lines but making use of the strongly suggestive fishnet mesh, this set is another attempt to mix elegant cutting and sexy sheerness. I added a thin simple lace border at some parts to slightly tame and soften the global feel. That should catch some eyes at the right spot !

Lea comes in black only for now, but the included optional tiny ties are color changing, letting you fit the set to your mood or clothing.

I made four different designs, all based on the hot fishnet base :

First a sexy corset / suspender combination, with a pluging cut in the back, and a lovely hole on the chest :

Naturally ( or is it that naughtiness I suffer from ? ), came an even hotter variation, with ...oh, see by yourself:

( oh no, they are all looking now, I'll hide it :P )

Then I couldn't resist spraying the net all over the body, but I let the delicious parts easily visible and... accessible...

And last, for now, for the more classical minded of you, I added the everlasting Bra / Panties/ Garters combo. Simple but always effective :

The whole serie was made with high quality in mind, and features seamless and even fishnet texturing all over the body.
I also included ( not photographied ) an extra pair of long gloves with each set.

As usual, Lea comes with all possible layers, so that you can wear this above, under, with, without... your tattoos, dresses, skirts...any possibilites...

So if you really need an effective fire starter to drive your beloved completely crazy, but you want to enjoy the quality and level of exigence that I always try to provide you with, don't search anymore, and teleport directly to the INSOLENCE mainstore !

You will find the new HOT Lea sets at the lovely price of 200 $L, including all layers, ties and extra gloves !

With all my naugthy thoughts,

camilla ( -> goes for a cold water tub )

PS - The furnitures on the pictures are from Stilissimo.


A New, Luxurious Satin Lingerie Set @ INSOLENCE

One of the words that come in mind when thinking about lingerie, is certainly Satin.

When Lace and Tulle are the Queen and King of lingerie fabrics, Satin is the glamorous prince, exuberant though subtle and sweet in its rich grain and alife reflexions.
What other material could symbolize better the delicate feeling of a soft skin, the deep shine of an imploring eye, and the wealth aura that glows around a pearl ?

This is with these words in mind that I created the new Caroline Satin set, straight in the spirit that has always been driving INSOLENCE for your best pleasure.

Caroline is the expression of exigence, classicism and glamour. This piece of underwear definately aims at being uncovered, exposed and exhibited.
Intimacy that wants to go outrageously public, must be one of the meanings of Luxury.

The set includes three very classic, though highly classy pieces : A thin side, wrinkled triangle panty and its bra counterpart, and a soft, liquid and softly falling top, half way between night camisole and bustier, featuring a daring low cut back.

Six colors are here to explore the facets of luxury :

Eternal in Ivory :

Sweet in Light Pink :

Intriguous in Taupe :

Poetic in Violet :

Natural in Emerald :

Royal in Blue :

Both underwear and top layers are included for each part, so you can, as usual , wear these above your tattoos, or experiment in various mixes with day wear.

The Caroline ensembles are available at the INSOLENCE Mainstore, following this SLURL will bring you directly to the latest source of refinement, luxury and sexyness !

With all my love and glamorous thoughts, hoping to meet you soon,



A New Sweet Summer Set @ INSOLENCE

Hello !!

As some of you may have noticied, I have been taken away from SL a couple of monthes, due to other projects I am working on.

I'm back ! With an abloutely sweet lingerie set, that comes just in time for the start of a new summer season !

Emily is a sweet, cute, lovely light tulle ensemble, that you want to wear on a brand new fresh morning, having decided that it will be a wonderful day ! I tried to put all the cuteness I could into these little bits of thin fabric, to end with the girliest lingerie set you could dream of :)

Emily comes in 6 colors, the base remains white, but the flower pattern changes. Panties and two tops are included in the sets : a classic bra, and a light short corset :

Pure white for the pure girl in you !

Baby pink for extra sweetness,

Oh, no, this is even sweeter after all.

Fresh spring green for fresh mornings.

Baby Blue, I can't decide which is the cutest.

maybe violet ?

As usual, the set includes both underwear and top layers for all tatoo lovers or those of you who would dare wearing it on top with jeans !

The pictures were taken in the amazing buildings of Las Lagunas, capital of Las Islas Republic. You CANNOT miss these islands ! If you didn't already, I can only STRONGLY suggest a holiday week with you love on these white sand beaches, enjoying a fresh drink at the shadows of the Mediterranean houses, or just staring at the wonderful waves and submarine grounds.. This little piece of paradise is brought to you by Naiman Broome, owner and creator of Las Islas.
A big thank you to him for letting me shoot there !

I hope you will feel how it was the perfect place for the Emily Set, and that I can meet you at the INSOLENCE mainstore, where the set is displayed and for sale since... NOW !

With all my love,

kind regards,


Another Sweet Lingerie Set @ INSOLENCE

Winter is almost gone, I already see a lot of baby leaves on the trees branches. Its still a bit too cool to dinner outside, but the afternoon is nice enough to let me work on the terrasse. I spent some time here, preparing lace and embroidery, for the last set of the winter line.

Once the lace was ready, I rummaged for some sheer tulle bits, and assembled it into a sweet and delicate set.

The Dolores ensemble, is a lace and flowers embroided three pieces set, that I designed with seduction and feminity in mind. Something really light, with just a touch of daring sheerness. This is a set to feel desirable and elegant at night.
I mixed a triangle bra, classic panties, with belt shaped and side cut suspenders.

Dolores comes in two main colors, Black, and White, but the Black is declined in 5 tones, that you can notice on the embroided roses :

Black :





and White, to make spring come faster:

I am so honoured to have had the most beautiful and cutest girl ever to model the set ! Yumix Noel is a delicate and absolutely friendly person, she was the perfect one to illustrate the spirit that I wanted to put in this lingerie. Cute, girly and...beautiful ! Check her blog, and discover if you didn't know it yet, her cute ( I mean, cute as in CUTE ! ) clothes, accesories, furniture and poses store !
A big thank you, and a warm hug to her !

As usual now, the set comes with every layer combinations, so that you will be able to wear it with tattoos, under a skirt or pants...

I hope to meet you with your friends, lovers, sisters... at the Insolence Mainstore, just follow this SLurl to find the new set !

Sweet regards,


PS - The DOLORES sets are sold NO COPY , NO MOD , TRANSFER . Time for little gifts ^^


A new Pantyhose line @ INSOLENCE

Amongst all your friendly feedback, is a request that comes quite often, and since long...
You have been really a LOT to ask me 'camilla, do you make pantyhoses ?'

I have always answered "not yet, would love to" but this time comes to an end :)

So here comes the first shot of a ( hopefully ) growing hosery line at INSOLENCE :

The Carmen Pantyhose are a very classic, simple and elegant, delicately textured pantyhose model.
I spent all my efforts in giving them that finely grained reflection, subtle tones and variable sheerness which make nylon so unique on the skin, and focused on making the fabric mounting as real as possible, detailing the seems and strengh parts.
Its also been a nice challenge to try to create sweet pictures of the model wearing just a pantyhose, I hope you will like the images !

This is the basis for more patterns, seems, colors, nets... that I will try to release month after month !
They come in 20 tones so far, which can be separated in two main flavours: Shiny, and, "Not So Shiny" :)

Both Shiny, and "Not so Shiny", come in black, and 3 shades of Grey, Tan, and White. Respectively : Light, Medium, and Heavy.

I couldn't put here every colors and tones, so I picked a few representative ones :

... etc etc ...

They all are available individually, and also as four packs : one for each color, and a big fat pack at a very sweet price :

Due to the way layers work, you need to wear both the feet and the legs part, and I included the legs both as underwear and pants layers, so that you can wear the pantyhose above a pantie, or a tattoo.

You will tell me, but, what if I have a tattoo and want to wear the pantyhose under my pants/skirt ??
So far, its not possible , unfortunately... BUT, I hear corridor noises, and it seems that in a close future, SL will allow us to use more than the limited number of layers we have now - Nothing is official for now, so I can't tell precisely how it will work, or when, but then , yes it seems that you will be able to wear your tattoo,your panties, your pantyhose, and your skirt pants all together.

That is all for now ! I hope this release will be welcomed by all of you who search for some high quality leg wear, and all of the naughty nylon fetichists ! ( ts ts ts, don't even try to tell me you are not :P )

Please follow this SLurl to be spawned directly on the hot nylon spot.

and more,


PS - the Carmen Pantyhose are sold NO COPY, NO MOD, TRANSFER

PPS - the Intimate Light Contest is still running ! We are waiting your entries ! See the March issue of Avenue Models Magazine for all the details about January winners, and rules for the next monthes :)

Intimate Light - January 2009 Winners announcement

Intimate Light - January 2009 results are now official !

You have sent such a lot of awesome images, that it has been very hard for the jury to decide !

In the end, here are the longly awaited results !

#1 - Gabrielle Sinatra

Gabrielle wins the 1st place, 10000 $L and a $L1,000 rebate on registration to the AVENUE Models Academy, for her awesome composition and feeling in her expression of the winter theme. Her picture was published in the March issue of AVENUE Magazine.

#2 - Ravena Tyles

Ravena wins a $L5,000 Insolence Storecard, for her precious and warm work on light and texturing

#3 - Gidgette MacMoragh

Gidgette wins a $L2,000 Insolence Storecard. She gives us a very sweet light work on her black and white image.

#4 - Sydney Nitely

#5 - Curl Swindlehurst

#6 - Amariah Francis

#7 - Lyanis Sin

#8 - Neca Loon,

#9 - Krystanna Wycliffe

#10 - Cheri Larnia

Sydney, Curl, Amariah, Lyannis, Neca, Krystanna and Cheri win each a $L1,000 Insolence Storecard, for their amazing work and sweet pictures !

Congratulations to all of them, and to all of the participants ! Thank you very much for all of your entries, and for all the time and fun spent together !

The next edition of the contest, themed 'Valentine, Valentine', is still open, you can send your entries until March the 8th. Please tp to the INSOLENCE mainstore to get the complete rules if you don't have them yet. A display at the store entrance, and another next to the January winners scene, will bring you everything you want to know !

regards, camilla