Another New Glamorous Lingerie Set at INSOLENCE !

When you believe sun will stay forever, sun goes away. We had such a rain I have had to put everything back inside..including myself. Temperature dropped so much I even lighted the fireplace several days.
So I found myself again in my beloved sofa's arms, wrapped in a wide english blanket, trying to think what we will wear when fall really installs.

Inspired by the fire colors of the trees outside, but still nostalgic of the blossom times, I imaginated this new set, mixing rich fall tones flowers embroidry, with that sweetest sheer tulle I always loved to work with.
This turned out in a delicate, intricated and elegant lingerie ensemble, that kind of set you don't want to wear as underwear, but as a light night dress, to reveal your body under a caress of seduction, pride and nostalgy.

The Isabel ensembles includes a long open tulle camisole, a simple rigged bra, matching panties and seamed stockings, all of which share the same delicate flower pattern, embroided in the richest tones for the coming fall :

Lets begin by the most symbolic tone, Amber, this was the first that came to me, watching the trees outside:

Amethyst for the emotive minded:

Royal in Aquamarine:

Forestal in Emerald:

Hot as Lava in Ruby:

And for those who can't wait for an icy feeling, in Silver:

Maybe I will repeat myself, but all these come with every layers possible, so that you can proudly wear it above your tattoos, or mix it with day clothes if you dare :)
Talking about this, there is still a little glitch in SL that makes that if you wear this kind of clothing as underpants/undershirt, or as pants/shirt, there is a tiny line of texture missing in the hip sides region. This is not due to my texturing , but to the SL viewer way to draw textures on avatars. As a workaround, I included a Jacket version of the long camisole, on which the problem does not appear. Think about this if you want perfect appearence or if you shoot pictures !

With this set I tried to keep alive the great pleasure of working with high quality in mind, chasing all details and enjoying every moment of hand painting flowers, for your best pleasure and satisfaction, I hope you will feel the sincere love I put in these pieces, and that I will have the pleasure to meet you at the INSOLENCE mainstore !

With all my thanks for your continued support and wonderful feedback,

kind regards,


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