Winter Boots @ INSOLENCE

There is one question I've been asked maybe 3 zillions times...
"camilla, when do you make BOOTS ?"

Well, today.

Coming winter seemed to be the perfect time to release these, I just need to find a nice trench and some hat, and I'll be ready to get out of home and go shopping with a friend ^^

The Natasha boots were designed with a rather thick heel, so even if they are a good 6 '' you won't be too much afraid to break an ankle...

These come in four suedy leather variations :

Particular care was given to small details, knowing how we all are boot lovers !

Beware, these boots are really tight around the ankle and lower leg. You definetly need ZERO size feet, and a rather thin body to wear these. I made them mod so that you can edit them to fit your shape.

I give you the strong advice NOT TO EDIT LINKED PARTS, or you will fall into a real nightmare to align these properly. Instead, just RESIZE and eventually MOVE the 2 parts as linksets, using the attachment ruler.

Again, these designs rely on the use of a ugly script to make them look good. If you wear these shoes in a NO SCRIPT ZONE, they WILL LOOK BAD. I still hope Linden Lab fixes this limitation soon !

Well, I hope these can answer to your bootaholic addiction, and that we are lucky enough to meet at the INSOLENCE mainstore !

Kind regards,

camilla Yosuke