My day with caLLie cLine

Summer! Summer is here now, we all want to REFRESH, have a nice cool drink, spend lazy time under the shadows of a tree listening to the leaves rustle in the cool breeze... ahhh summer time.

Thats what I did on a Sunday afternoon with my dear friend and incredible fashion designer caLLie cLine, and an idea popped in our minds...

"How about if we do a special outfit together ? " .... "YAY!"

Thats how it began, and today is the day we release it ^_^

Jade is a fresh, flowery and intricate lingerie ensemble, just as light as you want for hot July evenings.

The set comes with six embroidery colours, beeing :
Blue, Purple, Blush, Yellow, Slate, and White.

It comes elegantly boxed, making it a perfect gift for your love. We packed lots of precious stuff in it:

You will find both a bra and a corset, each in a strap and strapless version, just as lovely as a girl can dream, and as sexy as a heart can want. Matching panties, garter belts, and a thin as a lullaby wing pair of classic white stockings complete the lingerie set.

caLLie perfectly made matching sweet, fluffy special "rainbowas" (feather boa's), one white and long and one to match with the lingerie colours. They are just a delight for the eyes, and of course for your skin too !

So really, this box is a nest of sweetness, and we really wanted to SPOIL you girls ^_^ it's summer and you deserve it!

INSOLENCE, Venom, 140,194,28

Waiting for your kind visit ,

camilla ( and caLLie, too )


Great sound and nice place !

Lets start with nightlife , WOOT !

Last Sunday night, after a fantastic photo session with delightful Callie, I wanted to change my mind and picked a live DJ event by chance. And I was lucky. SL was kind enough to instant materialize me at the new club Antares : the Lounge, in Vyacheslav,216,27

Really, I don't want to be mean, but well, lets say the place is not exaggerating with eye candy so far :) But, I was not there to look at the walls, and as soon as I entered, its my EARS that were caught ! I enjoyed one of the best soft chillout lounge sets I could hear since long ! And not only the sound was good, but Dj Lain Messmer made wonders with the turntable, bringing the audience real high quality, smooth and flawless mix.
From what I understood, Lain offices every Sunday at Antares from 5 to 7 PM.
Was he and his music the only reason why everyone was that nice there ? What is sure is that people there are as kind as you can hope in a place you go for the first time, the owner Cristalle Karami was like a sister to everyone, she kept helping newbies figuring out dancing and all, and lead the night with much fun and energy.
Let them tell themselves : "Antares: The Lounge is a new club, set in lovely Vyacheslav. It's a small, no-sleaze lounge with just good clean fun. No poles, no nudity, no crassness.", and yeah, this is a NICE place to relax and have good time , far from the usual crude things that blossom everywhere.

So, still you don't know where to bring your friend tonight ? Maybe you want to read it again ^_^

Welcome !

I'm very very happy to welcome you all in my new little space where I want to share my thoughs, experiments and moments. Maybe you'll learn to know me better here, you will learn about my friends, nice places I wandered in, great stuff I shopped...
I'll also be presenting INSOLENCE new releases, projects and events, so, well if my life bothers you, but you want to stay tuned with hot things, this is your place too !