A Spring Lingerie Release @ INSOLENCE !

    Time flows, days are longer, and trees are dressing for spring. This year again I can feel the wave coming, the wave of the desire to live. In every branch, every leaf, every living thing around me.
    There is no better moment for celebrating the beauty of the body again, and this is where the new Mary lingerie set arrive !
    I created these ensembles with Spring as an inspiration. They are meant to reflect the feelings we have in these bright days , such as the desire to feel fresh and beautiful, the absolute need to seduce, the joy of drinking light again ! A simple, pure cotton fabric is the best support for a fresh floral embroidery theme, and is nicely enhanced with fine lace trims.

    The Mary sets come in 6 spring soft tones, straight in the INSOLENCE harmonies :

Pure White is the essence of Spring :
Cream gives a softer feeling : 

Purple , a promise of lavander scents :

Pink is simply fresh and pretty :

Blue , baby blue :    

And Green, because this is the color of the leaves :

    As usual I included a wide range of layer variations in the sets, so will be able to wear them in every occasions, with any clothing or tattoo !

    The sets are displayed in the INSOLENCE mainstore new releases area, this link will get you there in an instant !   
    INSOLENCE Updates Group members can enjoy a nice special price using the dedicated vendors, as well as a nice price fat pack with all the colors !

    I hope these ensembles will inspire you with the same energy and joy that spring is giving me these days , and that they could become nice gifts for the ones you love !

    Thank you for continuously supporting my work, and for your patience between releases ;-)
    With all my love,


A Whole Stockings Range @ INSOLENCE

Hello !

One of the most popular request I find in my messages every now and then, is for a range of stockings that would match the Carmen Pantyhose that I released back in 2009.

Well, I suppose I will not see that request again, as I am releasing this today !

The Carmen Stay Ups are a very classic, simple and elegant, delicately textured stockings model.
I spent all my efforts in giving them that finely grained reflection, subtle tones and variable sheerness which make nylon so unique on the skin !

They come in 20 tones, which can be separated in two main flavours: Shiny, and, "Not So Shiny" .

Both Shiny, and "Not so Shiny", come in black, and 3 shades of Grey, Tan, and White. Respectively : Light, Medium, and Heavy.

I couldn't put here every colors and tones, so I picked a couple representative ones :

They all are available individually, and also as four packs : one for each color, and a big fat pack at a very sweet price :

As usual, INSOLENCE Update Group Members will find the packs at a special friendly rebate for the time of the release ! Feel free to dig my profile to join the group !

Please follow this link to be spawned directly on the hot nylon spot !

With all my best thoughts,




Spring Sale at INSOLENCE !

Hello !!

Spring suddenly arrived here without a warning !

As a way to celebrate the new season , and waiting for new releases to get out of the workshop, I will have a big Spring Sale here at the INSOLENCE mainstore in Venom.

The whole shoes and lingerie range will be 50 % OFF from now, until monday the 26th !

So, don't think twice and just hop in to get your favorite sets and shoes at a sweet price, while the sale is going on ! Bring your men and friends , there will be enough for everyone :D

Sunny thoughts,
Noisy kisses,



Joan Satin Lingerie Sets now on Marketplace

The Joan Lingerie sets are now available from the INSOLENCE SL Marketplace.

Follow this link to get yours !

You can still find them at the INSOLENCE Mainstore , including at a special nice price for INSOLENCE Updates Group Members !

Stay tuned for new glamorous releases at INSOLENCE !


Credits : The wonderful picture was taken by Connie Arida - You can check her amazing work on both her blog , and her flickr !


A Free Valentine's Day Gift @ INSOLENCE !

The sweetest day in the year is coming, and I thought I had to do a little something special !

This year I decided to celebrate Valentine's with a sweet lingerie freebie , so everybody can make a lovely gift to their loved one ! And well, singles, consider this as my little gift to you all, because I love you soooo much !!! xxx

I tried to make something really cute and girly, an everyday set that you wear without thinking of it ! Just something sweet and nice, that makes you feel good and reminds you how your very special one is the most wonderful person on earth !

I hope it will find a way to your drawers and hearts, and that you will appreciate this small piece of love and fabric as much as I liked making it !

You can get yours for free, either at the INSOLENCE Mainstore,
or from my marketplace .

So, boys and girls, hurry before it is gone !

With all my love,



A New Satin Lingerie Ensemble by INSOLENCE !

Winter is here for good ! The garden is now covered with a tick coat of soft snow. I can see the neighbors made some fire, by the smoke that slowly rises above the white roofs.
I like this silent ambiant, it seems everything is coated with cotton, the air is calm and quiet. Perfect conditions for more sewing work !

This season usually inspires me with covering, warm designs, and this time again it worked.
The Joan Satin Ensembles feature a classic corset and triangle panties, for which I picked the most rich and finely grained satin, together with carefully hand crafted lace. Smooth lines, warm reflexions, delicate and shiny embroidery are the main words for this set. If lingerie has a formal side, this is were this set belongs.

The Joan Corsets come in six tones that now are INSOLENCE's color signature, namely :

Soft Beige, smooth and delicate :

White, pure and classy :

Black for elegance :

Sweet in Misty Rose :

Gold means absolute luxury :

And Purple for a poetic mood :

As usual, the sets come with a number of layers variations, so it can be worn in every situation, with every tattoo, or mixed with every kind of clothes, for your best pleasure !

They are available right now at the INSOLENCE Mainstore new releases area.

Marketplace versions will follow shortly !

Members of the INSOLENCE Updates Group get a special nice price and can find an all colors fat pack, for a limited time. Feel free to look in my profile if you want to join, so you can stay aware of new releases and special events at INSOLENCE !

I hope you will enjoy this very classy piece of lingerie, and that I will have the luck to meet you there !

With all my love,



More Mesh Boots @ INSOLENCE !

As promised when I released the first mesh boots for INSOLENCE, back in November last year, I am expanding the Mesh shoes range today !

I wanted to create this boot design since quite some time, and never took the time to do it with sculpted prims. Mesh allows me to play with detailing and texturing much more easily !

The Christine boots are an experiment in mixing a classical shoe and high heel shape, with a casual, sport like lacing. As a result, we have here a highly sexy low boot, with quite a strong personality. ! That should be the perfect shoe for going out dancing at night !

I took extra care at polishing the finest details and crafting, as well as keeping the lines in the INSOLENCE spirit of upscale elegance, for your best foot fetish pleasure :

The boots come in 6 tones :

Classic, warm Brown for a dinner in town :

A lighter Beige will work great for an elegant outfit :

White, shining in the night lights :

Girly in Pink !

Purple is quite sweet too :

And Black for a military feel on heels !

The shoes come in three sizes, so almost everyone should be able to wear them without problem. Please DO TRY THE DEMOS FIRST !!

They are available right now at the INSOLENCE Mainstore new releases area , and the Marketplace version will follow shortly.

As usual, special Group Only vendors are here for all the Insolence Updates Group members, delivering the shoes and a special fat pack at a friendly price ! Please check my profile if you want to join the group, it is free for everyone !

Hoping to meet you there soon !

Foot-fetishly yours,


PS -

Please note that in order to fully enjoy these shoes, you will have to meet a few conditions :

1 ) First you need a MESH ENABLED viewer, of course.
At the time of writing this note, one can use either the official SL 3.2 Viewer, or the 3.2.2 Firestorm Viewer. There may be others that I am not aware of, and there will certainly be more options in the future.

2 ) Then your shape has to be somewhat close to the one I used to create the boots.

I included three sizes for the boots, so you should be able to wear them with quite a range of usual leg shapes.

PLEASE DO USE the DEMOS before purchasing the shoes to make sure they will fit you !

Your "Knee Angle" leg setting MUST BE the default 50.

So far we do not have a way to have our attachments automatically adjust to our shapes, but thanks to the hard work by Qarl Fizz, this shouldn't be an issue in some future.

3 ) You must wear the shoe base, so that your feet do not go through the ground.

4 ) You must wear one of the 2 provided Alpha layers, so that parts of your body do not show through the boots. Experiment which length fits the best in your case.

I included the Alpha textures as full perm, so you can edit them at your will and include them in your own alphas. This way you can mix them with other alphas, if the creator gave you the textures too. This is useful if you plan to wear the boots together with another mesh clothing item. I urge every designers to do the same for the pleasure of everyone !