A Spring Lingerie Release @ INSOLENCE !

    Time flows, days are longer, and trees are dressing for spring. This year again I can feel the wave coming, the wave of the desire to live. In every branch, every leaf, every living thing around me.
    There is no better moment for celebrating the beauty of the body again, and this is where the new Mary lingerie set arrive !
    I created these ensembles with Spring as an inspiration. They are meant to reflect the feelings we have in these bright days , such as the desire to feel fresh and beautiful, the absolute need to seduce, the joy of drinking light again ! A simple, pure cotton fabric is the best support for a fresh floral embroidery theme, and is nicely enhanced with fine lace trims.

    The Mary sets come in 6 spring soft tones, straight in the INSOLENCE harmonies :

Pure White is the essence of Spring :
Cream gives a softer feeling : 

Purple , a promise of lavander scents :

Pink is simply fresh and pretty :

Blue , baby blue :    

And Green, because this is the color of the leaves :

    As usual I included a wide range of layer variations in the sets, so will be able to wear them in every occasions, with any clothing or tattoo !

    The sets are displayed in the INSOLENCE mainstore new releases area, this link will get you there in an instant !   
    INSOLENCE Updates Group members can enjoy a nice special price using the dedicated vendors, as well as a nice price fat pack with all the colors !

    I hope these ensembles will inspire you with the same energy and joy that spring is giving me these days , and that they could become nice gifts for the ones you love !

    Thank you for continuously supporting my work, and for your patience between releases ;-)
    With all my love,

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