2016 ... Mesh Lingerie by INSOLENCE !

    After quite a long break ( read : ...years ! ) , I am very glad and honoured to announce my coming back to SL in these beautiful days of Autumn 2016.

    I have been amazed by the changes that happened during the past years in this world. The quality of the fashion and body creations that I saw flourishing when I visited SL again this summer motived me to get back to the workroom. Fitted Mesh and Materials allowed creators to achieve the high standard craftsmanship that I dreamed of, back when I was making texture only Lingerie.

    So I took the challenge and plunged into Mesh sewing and fitting. After quite a steep learning phase , lots of trial and error and testing, I came with a first result , which I hope will be the start of a new long series of intimate fabric art for your best pleasure, both in SL and in the emerging new worlds...

    I am very happy today that I can announce the pre-opening of the new INSOLENCE line, with the release of the Dahlia Mesh Lingerie set for the Maitreya Lara bodies.

The set includes very classic, highly refined Bra and Panties with lace trims, satin bows and matching seamed stockings., and comes in 5 soft variations of clear, light tones :

    So far only a Maitreya Lara version is included in the set, but I should have Belleza and Slink versions added in the coming weeks.

    The set fits without the need of alpha tinkering in quite a range of shapes and poses, so you should be fine in most cases ( straps begin to misbehave around body fat 50 , and some other shape settings may also be a problem - Depending on where the problem arises, you may be able to fix it using the Lara Hud alpha buttons. )  I can't stress it enough here : these are COPY sets,  there won't be any returns or refunds, so  *** DO DEMO the sets before purchasing ! *** ( Gifts and Transfer versions will follow shortly ).

    Using materials and high definition textures I was able to come quite close to the texturing quality that I always aimed at for my INSOLENCE creations. In order to get the most out of these features, you may want to try some sky settings that allow a non zero but moderate amount of shading. I would recommend experimenting with Oceane's Body Designs, Nam's Optimals, or some Nacoons variants. A lower shading would not allow you to enjoy the fine detail of normal texturing that I included in the fabrics, but if set too hard it may exaggerate the normals and the details could look bumpy !

Connie Arida knew perfectly how to tune her lights ( just like always ... ) when she grabbed this picture of the set : https://www.flickr.com/photos/conniesec/30410059116/ .  
Thank you Connie for such a beautiful picture work, it is a real pleasure and honour to see what can come out of my work when a bit of special care is given to it ^^;

    The Dahlia set includes a Stockings applier with three tones to choose from. This is also the first of a long series of texture appliers, that will be available in the future. I hope to be able to release some appliers for some of my older designs, too.

    This may be enough said for this release and pre-opening notice, so I will just give you the LM and links to get yourself to the hot spot in the Insolence Store at Gallii, home of the FreeDove :


The new sets are available at a lowered starting price of 299 $L for the first month , precisely, here :


Marketplace, gift and transfer versions will follow shortly.

Members of the INSOLENCE Updates Group get a special nice price and can find an all colors fat pack, for a limited time. Feel free to look in my profile if you want to join the group, so you can stay aware of the upcoming mesh releases at INSOLENCE !

    To close this note, I would like to give very special thanks to the nice friends that welcomed me back in SL, and who gave me invaluable help, advice and testing during the learning and development phases :

    Many, many thanks to Bety Dudek, Connie Arida, Dollen McMillan, Elio Donat, Laura18 Streeter, and Palomma Casanova !!

    Also a special thank you and hats off to Onyx Leshelle and Gryphon Ronas of Maitreya for their technical support and for making all this possible at the start !