Winter Satin Lingerie Release @ INSOLENCE !

Once again, trees left all their leaves on the ground, birds are gone for better skies far away, wind is blowing dark, cold and sharp. The streets are empty at night, but we can see warm lights by the windows, everyone went to the comfort of their houses.

Thinking about this new winter coming, I wanted to create a special lingerie set that could express those very opposed feelings. I choose the most icy shining satin for basis, as a symbol of the the cold and light air, and the richest embroidery to draw the tree leaves in fire colors, as the symbol of the warm feeling of a home.

The Ange Satin sets come as a three pieces lingerie ensembles, with the most classical shapes and design. Only the very best, richest and most delicate fabrics were used, and were hand assembled with all the possible care into a jewel case to shelter and honour the woman's body.

The Ange Satin sets are proposed in six winter tones :

Romantic, Soft Rose :

Enigmatic Purple :

Ice Mint :

Natural, warm green in Leaf :

Luxurious Golden :

and burning in Copper tones :

Please note that ALL the color tones DO INCLUDE both a bra AND a corset ! I simply choose to take the pictures this way !

As usual, the sets include both underwear and top layers, plus an extra Jacket layer for the corsets, so you can wear them in any possible way that you could imagine !

I sincerely hope you will feel the love that I have put in sewing these new sets, trying to keep in the highest INSOLENCE quality and spirit, and that we may have the luck to meet at the mainstore.

With all my tender thoughts,

camilla Yosuke

PS - the sets are sold NO MOD, NO COPY, TRANSFER