Summer, Flowers, New Lingerie Ensemble @ INSOLENCE !

Its so hot outside on the terrasse, I step inside into the shadow, and enjoy the freshness of the terracota tiling under my bare feet. Looking through the shutters, the eucalyptus are slowly waving in the thick air of this end of afternoon.

Summer is really here now !

I love summer ! And, I love flowers ! So I decided to spend some time painting some on the lightest silk I had, and assemble it into the prettiest ensemble that I could. I really put all my love into this design, I hope I manage to bring you a bit through it ^^

The Flore ensemble ( I found that the Roman godness of flowers is called Flore :) , is a light, cute as hell, soft tones flowers set.
It includes two panties versions, one as regular panties, and a string side; two bra versions : a triangle and a half cup. A prim addon can be added to both these bra versions to change them into a light as air, sexy but sweet teddy. Little ties can be added to catch the eyes on your belly.
All these come in both undies and top layers, so you should be able to mix and match easily if you feel so or wear tattoos.

It comes in six colour variations , namely :

White :

Pink :

Peach :

Lavander :

Green :

Cream :

Some tones are quite close to each other, but look closely, there is a delicate difference :)

I want to catch your attention on the fact that the teddy prim part will probably need editing to fit your shape. I made it modifiable, and added a spare copy in the case when you would mess it up - so that the whole thing remains transfer . Editing the teddy is an easy task... take your time, ask some advices to your skilled builder friends, breath and think your moves :) The quick way to adjust it would be to scale and move the whole linkset. If it still doesn't match, go into 'edit linked parts', use the local ruler, and adjust each panel, again, slowly ...
Please understand that I can't edit it for everyone, and that I can't either refund or exchange every messed up set ...

This said, I hope that you will like it as much as I loved painting it, and I hope to meet you very soon at the store for a flowery moment.

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With all my love and thoughts,

kind regards,

PS -

These outfits are sold NO COPY, NO MOD ( excepted prim parts, wich ARE MOD ), TRANSFER.