Like, its-about-time lingerie release by INSOLENCE

Sometimes life gets so complicated you don't even know where you live...
I have just finished to move to another continent, and, as little surprising that it may sound, it has been a wonderful mess ! You never imagine how deep can go administrative paper work when changing country :D Hopefully, LL staff has been very nice and reactive about that, and I want to thank them here if they are listening ...

I also want to thank everyone for their patience with me these last monthes, and specially to those who helped me all along that crazy period, and even more specially to all of you who are still tuned on the group for new releases ^^;

All this to say, that I have had all the difficulties to find time to create anything lately, but I managed to gather some gorgeous fabric pieces and finally am coming with ...

an "its-about-time" winter lingerie release !

The Deborah lingerie ensemble is just what you would expect for a deep winter underwear set.
Warm, covering, but still absolutely sweet and appealing, It was created with the finest embroided satin and delicate lace to enhance the curvy cut of the design.

Deborah as usual ( can we say usual after so long ??? ), comes in six warm tones for the season :

Classic Beige :

Mysterious Purple :

Imperial in Blue :

Icy Silver :

Glamorous in Gold :

and just...sexy as hell in Black and Red :

The set was created with highest quality in mind, and I've been chasing again the slightest flaw, as an attempt to keep straight in the most pure "Insolence" crafting spirit. I hope the most demanding of you will find an echo to their quest with this ensemble !

Again, I made all possible layers combinations available in the set, so that you will have no problem to wear it with any other clothing, tattoo or mix that you can imagine.

You will also find a 4 stockings set in the box, so you don't have to dig for your older Insolence ensembles if you need to go out in town and want to match your dress !
Each of the 6 color in the set comes with the 4 following stockings tones, that you can see on the pictures : Shiny Black, Nude, Light Grey, and White.

So, here it is ! I hope this comes in time for your last minute Xmas gifts !!!!

Please feel very welcome to teleport to this slurl , where you will find this very last minute Xmas release at the Insolence Mainstore.

I send you all a huge box with all my love, all my tender thoughts for the Christmas time, all the possible fun for Holidays if you have,

and a big noisy kiss on everyone's nose XXXX to get your pardon for the laaaaaate....

sweetly yours,