A Sunny Lingerie outfit @ INSOLENCE

After having spent too long in a creepy dark basement, I walked up the stairs and figured out the SUN was SHINING :)

So I pulled the sewing machine on the terrasse, and began to work on a fresh new outfit , hoing it would bring summer sooner.

The Melanie ensemble is a simple shaped, though highly detailed embroided tulle set. Every single flower and leaf was hand drawn between two orange juice sips, on the lightest tulle that I could find in the fabric stock.

Please meet the beautiful Ronnie Hastings, MISS SL UNIVERSE 2009 Pre-finalist if you please, modelling for the new set pictures :

I added a black version, wich is a bit less summer like, for the black lingerie inconditionals :)

The outfit includes a Corset, a Bra, Panties and a pair of light matching stay ups.

I hope this will make you want to have an orange juice too, laying on the terrasse recliners ^^

This SLURL will bring you to the right place, just left when entering the main store :

A big sunny kiss,


PS -

These outfits are sold NO COPY, NO MOD, TRANSFER.