A Valentine's lingerie ensemble @ INSOLENCE !

LOVE !!!

Someone clever wrote 'All you need is love' !
Yes, love is all we need !

But wouldn't you agree, wrapping love with a delicate, soft lingerie piece cannot hurt !

To celebrate this joyful day I released a new ensemble, and I have put all my ... love in it to create it as intricate and fine as SL allows me to.

I have named 'Valentine', with much creativity :)

This ensemble is made of four parts. Panties, Bra and Garter belts are made of the thinnest hand embroidered tulle, a delicate lace ribbon running along the body lines.
Assorted is a pair of shiny silk seamed stockings, always very classic, but soft as a lullaby wing ( never touch lullaby wings !! )

It comes with four classic colours :

This ensemble is provided with all the layers that tattoos lovers can expect, and from now, all the new outfits will be released that way.

You will jump directly to the right part of the store with this slurl :


I send you all a huge huge hug, and well, the only thing that I can wish you for that special day, is ... MAKE BABIES !!!!

regards, love,


PS -

These outfits are sold NO COPY, NO MOD, TRANSFER.


New Lingerie Ensemble @ INSOLENCE

Days pass, we have blown out the Christmas and New Year candles, took a nice pause and watch the forthcoming year plenty of hopes and wishes.

Time for me to get back to the workshop, with a lot of nice projects in mind, that I am actively preparing.

Waiting for these to be ready, I decided to release a set of colours of an ensemble that some of you may have found in Santa's bag.

Leslie is a simple, yet delicate and absolutely sexy three pieces set. Front is a flowery embroided satin, in a very classical way, that will lead eyes around a body curves, to reveal a resolutely daring sheer tulle back. An assorted pair or flowered stay ups gives the last touch of an ambiguous, deliberately erotic outfit.

You will find Leslie in 6 colours :

Hoping to have the pleasure to meet you at the store at INSOLENCE

with all my flowery thoughts,


PS -

These outfits are sold NO COPY, NO MOD, TRANSFER.