New Lingerie Ensemble @ INSOLENCE

Days pass, we have blown out the Christmas and New Year candles, took a nice pause and watch the forthcoming year plenty of hopes and wishes.

Time for me to get back to the workshop, with a lot of nice projects in mind, that I am actively preparing.

Waiting for these to be ready, I decided to release a set of colours of an ensemble that some of you may have found in Santa's bag.

Leslie is a simple, yet delicate and absolutely sexy three pieces set. Front is a flowery embroided satin, in a very classical way, that will lead eyes around a body curves, to reveal a resolutely daring sheer tulle back. An assorted pair or flowered stay ups gives the last touch of an ambiguous, deliberately erotic outfit.

You will find Leslie in 6 colours :

Hoping to have the pleasure to meet you at the store at INSOLENCE

with all my flowery thoughts,


PS -

These outfits are sold NO COPY, NO MOD, TRANSFER.

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Anonymous said...

Such pretty ads. Where is the hair from? :)