Santa Landed at INSOLENCE !

~~~~~~~~~ Wishing you a very happy Holidays ~~~~~~~~~

I have the great honor to announce you that Santa decided to have a deserved pause at the Mainstore at INSOLENCE before the big rush of the 24th night !

He came with a huge bag full of goodies to spoil you all fantastic girls !!
So just drop by, sit on his lap and get your chance to be given one of the awesome gifts that he mixed in his big sweet bag, amongst which is an exclusive lingerie outfit, unreleased in any other places ^^

Santa waits for you !!

With all my love,
With all my thanks to all my fantastic customers,
With all my friendship to Dani who helped so much day after day at the store
With all my acknoledgments to Huhu and Aradia too !

kind Regards and Merry Christmas

camilla Yosuke

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