A New, Luxurious Satin Lingerie Set @ INSOLENCE

One of the words that come in mind when thinking about lingerie, is certainly Satin.

When Lace and Tulle are the Queen and King of lingerie fabrics, Satin is the glamorous prince, exuberant though subtle and sweet in its rich grain and alife reflexions.
What other material could symbolize better the delicate feeling of a soft skin, the deep shine of an imploring eye, and the wealth aura that glows around a pearl ?

This is with these words in mind that I created the new Caroline Satin set, straight in the spirit that has always been driving INSOLENCE for your best pleasure.

Caroline is the expression of exigence, classicism and glamour. This piece of underwear definately aims at being uncovered, exposed and exhibited.
Intimacy that wants to go outrageously public, must be one of the meanings of Luxury.

The set includes three very classic, though highly classy pieces : A thin side, wrinkled triangle panty and its bra counterpart, and a soft, liquid and softly falling top, half way between night camisole and bustier, featuring a daring low cut back.

Six colors are here to explore the facets of luxury :

Eternal in Ivory :

Sweet in Light Pink :

Intriguous in Taupe :

Poetic in Violet :

Natural in Emerald :

Royal in Blue :

Both underwear and top layers are included for each part, so you can, as usual , wear these above your tattoos, or experiment in various mixes with day wear.

The Caroline ensembles are available at the INSOLENCE Mainstore, following this SLURL will bring you directly to the latest source of refinement, luxury and sexyness !

With all my love and glamorous thoughts, hoping to meet you soon,