Another Sweet Lingerie Set @ INSOLENCE

Winter is almost gone, I already see a lot of baby leaves on the trees branches. Its still a bit too cool to dinner outside, but the afternoon is nice enough to let me work on the terrasse. I spent some time here, preparing lace and embroidery, for the last set of the winter line.

Once the lace was ready, I rummaged for some sheer tulle bits, and assembled it into a sweet and delicate set.

The Dolores ensemble, is a lace and flowers embroided three pieces set, that I designed with seduction and feminity in mind. Something really light, with just a touch of daring sheerness. This is a set to feel desirable and elegant at night.
I mixed a triangle bra, classic panties, with belt shaped and side cut suspenders.

Dolores comes in two main colors, Black, and White, but the Black is declined in 5 tones, that you can notice on the embroided roses :

Black :





and White, to make spring come faster:

I am so honoured to have had the most beautiful and cutest girl ever to model the set ! Yumix Noel is a delicate and absolutely friendly person, she was the perfect one to illustrate the spirit that I wanted to put in this lingerie. Cute, girly and...beautiful ! Check her blog, and discover if you didn't know it yet, her cute ( I mean, cute as in CUTE ! ) clothes, accesories, furniture and poses store !
A big thank you, and a warm hug to her !

As usual now, the set comes with every layer combinations, so that you will be able to wear it with tattoos, under a skirt or pants...

I hope to meet you with your friends, lovers, sisters... at the Insolence Mainstore, just follow this SLurl to find the new set !

Sweet regards,


PS - The DOLORES sets are sold NO COPY , NO MOD , TRANSFER . Time for little gifts ^^


Izzy said...

What a gorgeous set! It's very simple yet elegant and extremely sexy. I can't wait to pick it up next time I'm in-world.

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