Intimate Light - January 2009 Winners announcement

Intimate Light - January 2009 results are now official !

You have sent such a lot of awesome images, that it has been very hard for the jury to decide !

In the end, here are the longly awaited results !

#1 - Gabrielle Sinatra

Gabrielle wins the 1st place, 10000 $L and a $L1,000 rebate on registration to the AVENUE Models Academy, for her awesome composition and feeling in her expression of the winter theme. Her picture was published in the March issue of AVENUE Magazine.

#2 - Ravena Tyles

Ravena wins a $L5,000 Insolence Storecard, for her precious and warm work on light and texturing

#3 - Gidgette MacMoragh

Gidgette wins a $L2,000 Insolence Storecard. She gives us a very sweet light work on her black and white image.

#4 - Sydney Nitely

#5 - Curl Swindlehurst

#6 - Amariah Francis

#7 - Lyanis Sin

#8 - Neca Loon,

#9 - Krystanna Wycliffe

#10 - Cheri Larnia

Sydney, Curl, Amariah, Lyannis, Neca, Krystanna and Cheri win each a $L1,000 Insolence Storecard, for their amazing work and sweet pictures !

Congratulations to all of them, and to all of the participants ! Thank you very much for all of your entries, and for all the time and fun spent together !

The next edition of the contest, themed 'Valentine, Valentine', is still open, you can send your entries until March the 8th. Please tp to the INSOLENCE mainstore to get the complete rules if you don't have them yet. A display at the store entrance, and another next to the January winners scene, will bring you everything you want to know !

regards, camilla


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