A new Pantyhose line @ INSOLENCE

Amongst all your friendly feedback, is a request that comes quite often, and since long...
You have been really a LOT to ask me 'camilla, do you make pantyhoses ?'

I have always answered "not yet, would love to" but this time comes to an end :)

So here comes the first shot of a ( hopefully ) growing hosery line at INSOLENCE :

The Carmen Pantyhose are a very classic, simple and elegant, delicately textured pantyhose model.
I spent all my efforts in giving them that finely grained reflection, subtle tones and variable sheerness which make nylon so unique on the skin, and focused on making the fabric mounting as real as possible, detailing the seems and strengh parts.
Its also been a nice challenge to try to create sweet pictures of the model wearing just a pantyhose, I hope you will like the images !

This is the basis for more patterns, seems, colors, nets... that I will try to release month after month !
They come in 20 tones so far, which can be separated in two main flavours: Shiny, and, "Not So Shiny" :)

Both Shiny, and "Not so Shiny", come in black, and 3 shades of Grey, Tan, and White. Respectively : Light, Medium, and Heavy.

I couldn't put here every colors and tones, so I picked a few representative ones :

... etc etc ...

They all are available individually, and also as four packs : one for each color, and a big fat pack at a very sweet price :

Due to the way layers work, you need to wear both the feet and the legs part, and I included the legs both as underwear and pants layers, so that you can wear the pantyhose above a pantie, or a tattoo.

You will tell me, but, what if I have a tattoo and want to wear the pantyhose under my pants/skirt ??
So far, its not possible , unfortunately... BUT, I hear corridor noises, and it seems that in a close future, SL will allow us to use more than the limited number of layers we have now - Nothing is official for now, so I can't tell precisely how it will work, or when, but then , yes it seems that you will be able to wear your tattoo,your panties, your pantyhose, and your skirt pants all together.

That is all for now ! I hope this release will be welcomed by all of you who search for some high quality leg wear, and all of the naughty nylon fetichists ! ( ts ts ts, don't even try to tell me you are not :P )

Please follow this SLurl to be spawned directly on the hot nylon spot.

and more,


PS - the Carmen Pantyhose are sold NO COPY, NO MOD, TRANSFER

PPS - the Intimate Light Contest is still running ! We are waiting your entries ! See the March issue of Avenue Models Magazine for all the details about January winners, and rules for the next monthes :)


Izzy said...

It's next-to-impossible to find realistic-looking and simple hosiery in-world; just a good set of solid pantyhose! That's what you have offered here and I just wanted to say thanks for going back to the basics - sometimes that's all a girl needs. ^_^

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