More Sheerness delight @ INSOLENCE !

I am very honoured to announce the release of a new, sweet sexy lingerie set at INSOLENCE !

Back in the very beginning when I designed my first lingerie ensemble, I choose a very spicy sheer tulle as base material. The set was called Salome, and it has remained one of the best sold in my collection, all over the years.

So today, with a little more experience in sewing almost immaterial fabrics, I decided to give another try at resolute, deliberate sheerness for the daring and deliberately sexy girls in you !

This is how the Dee ensembles were born. I used a net and polka pattern tulle to wrap shapes as lightly as possible , and the thinnest ribbons to draw the expression of desire on skin, and tried to play with the frontier of vintage spirit in the cuts.

The Dee sets come in four autumnal colours, namely :

Black for the most classical :

False innocence in White :

A touch of vintage in Cream :

and a warm but so light Chocolate :

All the sets include both a large, comfy Boxer panty, and a sweet, lighter triangle one, at your convenience. Next come a seductive bra, along with a semi girdle style garter belt, and finally a four classic colours nylon stockings set.

All these are declined in all underwear and top layers combinations, to allow you to wear the sets with any tattoo or wardrobe elements that you could think of.

You can see the sets right now at the INSOLENCE mainstore, by jumping directly to this link !

Marketplace versions will follow shortly !

Hoping to meet you soon at the store,
With all my sweetest thoughts,

camilla Yosuke

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