Christmas Release @ INSOLENCE !

Oooh so you say you have been good this year !

Quite honnestly, I don't believe it, at all. But, beeing in an extraordinary good mood, and given that my friend Santa ( yes, we are buddies since some time now ) seems to be quite forgiving too, we will forget all the tricks and naughty things you have done this year, and try to spoil you all as much as we can !

Let's begin by a new lingerie release..

Jaime is a new satin ensemble, very classic in its lines, but made of the shiniest satins and sweetest lace bits that one could imagine.
This set was designed with most attention on getting the most rich satin touch, and as an attempt to find the perfect curves for a classic Bra, Panties and Garters set. I tried to make this one as the perfect winter lingerie ensemble, this one you want to wear under a warm feathered coat when going in town...so that you can reveal it later in the night to that special person ^^ The 'special person' is not mandatory, of course, as the Jaime set is also a great selfish piece of clothing , for you to enjoy alone , curled in a deep sofa, reading a winter story, as you see the snow flakes falling by the window and you think, oh my god, I'm so just good here !

Enough talk, here are some pictures of the different colors available, all beeing rich warm winter tones :

Christmas Red first !

A warm metallic copper :

Classy Silver :

Deep .. Purple : (sorry, this was too tempting )

Luxurious in Gold :

and a sweet green :

Santa told me not to forget tattoo lovers and mix and matchers, so, the set comes with all the layers combinations, you can wear it above your tattos, under a dress...

Jaime is available directly to your right when entering the mainstore, but this SLurl will bring you to the spot :)

The Jaime pictures were taken in the fabulous secret icy cave in Cu Mara, a wonderful magic winter themed place in SL by Cuwynne Deerhunter. Take a moment to visit his creation in Cu Mara ! The hat of the snowman is the key to the secret cave :)


PS - the Jaime outfits are NO MOD, NO COPY, TRANS

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