A Happy Christmas to you all !!

Someone is waiting for you at the INSOLENCE mainstore !

He is rather big, has a white beard and hair, a funny red pointy hat matching his clothes. See ? He landed here like last year , and he has a whole lot of goodies in his bag !!! Sit on his lap, you will see what I mean :D
He brought some really nice INSOLENCE gifts for the luckiest of you, amongst other little friendly thingies...

I couldn't let him do all the job, so I have been sewing and sewing and sewing all night, to prepare my own special gift for you all.

Just next to Santa's chair, you will find a little gift box, with a picture of me on it ( no, I'm not naked on it, uh ) .

The box contains a whole Christmas outfit, including a sexy party dress, a lingerie set, stockings, shoes, a collar , and all the love I could make fit into it, as a my sincere and friendly thanks to you all, for having followed me all the year long, rewarding me so often with your awesome and nice feedback ^^;

So, what are you waiting for now ? Pick a shoe pair ( thick ones, there is quite some snow ) , grab your friend by the hand and come to the mainstore to be spoiled and celebrate this new Christmas together !!

With a HUUUUUUUUUUUGE bunch of kisses and hugs to everyone, hoping to see plenty of nice people there !!



PS : the Santa gifts are NO MOD, COPY, NO TRANS
Santa and his gifts will stay until new year, so hurry and get your slice !

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