A Monthly Photography contest by INSOLENCE !

Hello again ^^

First I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and that 2009 will be the most fantastic and happy year !!!

I am very glad to announce here the official beginning of a great monthly contest !

Intimate Light will be an open photography contest, sponsored by INSOLENCE and AVENUE Models.

Every month of the coming year, a jury made of designers and communication professionals will select amongst your entries, the 10 best compositions, light , appearance and creativity works, in pictures of you or any model wearing INSOLENCE lingerie.
Then this same jury will decide on the best of these 10 images to select the grand winner of the month.

The winner will be offered a $L10,000 price from INSOLENCE, and a $L1,000 rebate on registration to the AVENUE Models Academy. The picture will then be published in AVENUE Magazine, and featured in high traffic blogs and groups.

The others prizes are as follow :

2nd : $L5,000 Insolence Storecard,
3rd : $L2,000 Insolence Storecard,
4th to 10th : $L1,000 Insolence Storecards.

The rules are simple :

** Wear the INSOLENCE lingerie of your choice or ask a model to wear it for you :)

** Make the best picture following the theme of the month.

** Make sure you include the INSOLENCE mainstore in your picks.
This is my reward on the operation !
Pictures coming from people who do not have the lm in their picks will be DISCARDED.

** Every month, before the 8th, send your image, as a high quality JPG to

** Make sure you include your SL name in the file name ! Or we will not be able
to find who it belongs to !

** Only ONE image per participant, per month. If you send several images,
ONLY the FIRST will be taken in account.
So make sure you send a definitive version !

** Members of the Jury CANNOT submit entries.

** No complete nudity will be accepted, or sexual depictions. No children avatars !

** The Jury has all powers to decide if a picture doesn't comply with the above rule.

** The final decision of the Jury is definitive.

** Postprocessing is allowed. The final jury decision will not be based
on technical skills, though.

** Images must be minimum 1024*1024 , maximum 2048*2048.
Any sizes in between are fine,
images can be square, portait or landscape.
Images must be sent as a high quality JPG file. Minimum of 100 dpi.

** The image published in AVENUE Magazine will be resampled to
a maximum of 1024 pixels in the biggest dimension

** By sending your image to the contest, you accept that you transfer
all copyrights and ownership of the said image to camilla Yosuke.
We will NOT make another use of your image than publishing
it in AVENUE Magazine, in various blogs on internet, and displaying
it in the INSOLENCE mainstore,
BUT we will NOT accept royalties claims of any sort !

** Entries that come after 8th of each month, 24:00 SLT, will be
postponed to the following month.

** The winners will be annouced first in AVENUE Magazine,
in the next issue after 8th of each month.
Then they will be announced in the INSOLENCE Updates group and blog.
The winners will also a receive a letter from INSOLENCE
and AVENUE Models, with all the explanations about how to claim their prizes.


Now you know everything !

For the first edition of the INTIMATE LIGHT contest, wich will be the January edition, the details are as follows:

Entries will be sent to intimate.light@gmail.com , starting January the 9th , and before 8th of February 2009, 24:00 SLT

The theme for this month will be : Icy weather, cozy at home.

The results will be published in AVENUE Magazine in the first week of February 2009.

So, warm your Hasselblad, set your lights, and reveal your creativity !!!

Good luck and a warm hug to everyone !

regards, camilla

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