New Unique Eyes and News from the Monthly Contest

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, or is it Good Appetite !!

Wherever you are on the globe, I'm wishing you the most wonderful new year, could it be the best year you ever lived !

This first notice for 2009 will not be about lingerie, as it talks about something we too often let by the side when dressing for a grand occasion,
or a romantic date, I want to talk about our EYES.

Did you notice in SL we have beautiful irises, with nice reflections and all, but our eyes are always ... like frozen stones without life ?

Well, this comes to an end :)

I've been wanting since long to bring the life to my eyes, but I had not found the solution yet. I took advantage of a relative break after Christmas,
to try and develop some system that would achieve this, and have come to a solution ^^

I'm very proud to introduce here a new generation of SL eyes, called


These unique eyes will bring your look a truely life-like feeling, by allowing you to vary how wide your pupil is, just like a real eye does under light condition changes and mood changes.

Check them live in this video demo :)

Are you under a bright, hard sun , or on the catwalk , dozens of 10kW spots pointing at you ? Or sharply focused on a detail ? Or even severely angry ? Your pupil would surely retract to a tiny point. Now you can do this in SL !
Are you just lit by a weak candle, or outside at night with only the moon above you ? Or maybe are you under an intense emotion, your heart almost stopped by the beauty of that person in front of you, or crying for the mercy of your Master/Mistress ? You pupil would grow wide open, giving you that intense expression, which talks for you before you pronounce any word. Now, you will do this in SL !

Activated by a user friendly HUD, or by a Menu system, or even just the chat line, at your convenience, your EyeLife eyes will, I think for the first time in SL, allow you to emphasis your expressivity, using that subtle though powerful language , which is the language or the EYES. Sometimes not a single word is needed, and your eyes will talk for you !

But this is not all ! Using the EyeLife eyes by INSOLENCE, you can choose between 3 pupil opening sizes. For each of these sizes, even if you don't send any HUD or Menu commands, your eyes will now be animated with a slow, deeply alive pulsation, just like a real eye is. Even hardly noticiable, this feature will make the difference ! No one will be able to explain the reason, but they will feel something unique and special when watching you. They will feel.... LIFE.

The EyeLife eyes by INSOLENCE come with 12 irises colors to choose from, simply switched by a HUD click or a Menu command, you can even if you feel like, make them glow in the dark for fun in a club, or if you play a dramatic RP fantastic character.

Simply configurable with Menu commands, the eyes , despite beeing NO MODIFY, will adapt to any eye shape, would you have the tiniest or biggest eyes of all SL :)

I'm talking to much ! And I know images will talk better than I, so I invite you to follow the demo video link above, and see the eyes in action !

The EyeLife eyes by Insolence are sold COPY, NO MOD, NO TRANSFER, and you will find them following this SLurl to the Mainstore.

And now, just a little word about our great monthly Photography contest :)

I have started receiving fantastic entries as soon as the contest rules were made public, and I keep recieving new ones everyday ! I'm very pleased to see some excellent quality work, and to see that you found interest in it :) The JURY will have a hard work to choose !

For those of you who would have missed it, INSOLENCE and AVENUE Models are organising a great monthly Photography contest, with amazing prizes for the winners, ranging from $L 10000 , to smaller but nice prizes for the 10 best entries - You can read the official rules in this previous post .

Keep up the amazing work, and be plenty to send your pictures !! Deadline for the first edition of the contest is February the 8th, 24:00 SLT , so you still have time to create the best picture and get your chance to be the grand winner !
Remember the theme for this month is : " Icy weather, cozy at home " !

With all my friendly thoughts, I send you all a deeply alive tender look with my brand new eyes,
together with a big crate of kisses and hugs,

and I hurry back to prepare the next lingerie set for Velentine's day ^^;



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