A new Dress at INSOLENCE !

Hello !!

Given the huge succes of the little Christmas gift that I have been releasing last week ( you have been more than 2000 to get it in 5 days ! ) , I have thought that some of you might like to find the little party dress in other colors and layers :)

So I dived into my fabric stock, and picked from it some nice tones of that same sequined satin, to create five new colors for the Jaime Dress :

Black, for a classy touch in a formal though quite sexy Dinner dress:

Purple, elegant and outstanding:

Really precious, to drive all eyes on you, in Gold:

A more casual Kaki:

Intemporal in silver:

Of course you can also get the Red dress, in the Christmas Outfit, which is still free until 31st of December :), so I didn't set this vendor for sale yet .

Each of the 6 colors comes at the friendly price of $L200, in 2 layers so that it can be worn above tattoos or under a coat :) , and includes a lovely beaded necklace in a matching tone.

I have had some really good time creating this little dress, tried to make it really classy but also really sexy, keeping close to my main lingerie theme. The dress is quite short and the back is cut as low as possible to reveal our hip and back lines. This is not really lingerie, but I guess this is one of the smallest pieces of clothing one would dare wearing in a formal party this new year :) I hope this attempt in creating clothing will be the first of a long serie to come in the future, but don't worry, I will keep creating precious underwear for your hottest needs ! Some new models are already in the pipeline and should be released quite soon, so stay tuned :)

Hoping you will like the new colours of the dress, and that you will take this SLurl to directly jump to the spot in the INSOLENCE mainstore :)

OOh I was to forget !! Santa is still there waiting for you, with plenty of goodies in his bag !! So don't miss it and come before new year, after that he will be gone in snowy countries and we will have to behave one more year until he's back !

A frosty kiss to you all,


PS - The Jaime Dress is sold NO COPY, NO MOD, TRANSFER, excepted for the prim parts which are MOD.

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