A New Delicate Lingerie Outfit @ INSOLENCE

Fall goes its way, now the garden is turning to an explosion of fire colors. I have been too lazy to go outside and remove the leaves from the ground, it makes it look like a rich persian carpet. The low sun sends its golden rays through the windows, reaching my feet on the corner of the sofa. Its a good and warm feeling...

I discover that I fall in love with this sofa. Most of the evenings I stay here, reading or having a glass of precious wine, deeply curled in the cuffins.
I had to translate this feeling again into a piece of lingerie, hoping that I can share this soft pleasure I have these days with you, and that you will find YOUR sofa, to fall in love with and just enjoy yourselves, barely but sweetly covered with that delicate piece of tulle.

Barbara is a a totally selfish, light still warm embroided set. I added soft curly silk frills that are both a caress to the eyes and the skin, and a few bows of the same soft material, to make us feel really desirable and warm.

The set comes in five automnal colours :

Black :

Chocolate :

Purple :

Teal :

Wine :

plus a lighter White :

I couldn't resist taking the pictures once again at the Rustica Castle and surrounding sims ( teleport there ) , because honnestly, I couldn't find another place that expresses so good the feeling I had in mind when creating this set. I was wandering in this beautiful maze, finding really hidden spots, when I got caught halfy naked, taking the pictures, by Maxwell Graf, the creator and owner of the place. Thank you again for his work and hospitality !

Now, for the annoying part...

To create the sculpted prim frills of this set, I used a new type of sculpted maps, which is only correctly displayed using a 1.21 Release Candidate Viewer or a more recent version. ( http://forums.secondlife.com/showthread.php?t=278017&page=1&pp=15 )

This means, that using a 1.21 RC viewer or above, the long, thin frills will be viewed correctly, with full detail and smooth shapes.


You can get this RC viewer here : http://secondlife.com/support/downloads.php, look for 'Release Candidate'

I have been thinking longly if I had to release this set with this new feature, or wait until it is part of the regular viewer, but given that viewer updates are no longer mandatory ( thanks Qarl for this info ) , I decided to give it a try. I hope its not too harmful... I included a disclaimer in the folders to explain the problem and how to ( easily ! ) fix it. Hopefully all this will become obsolete soon, when long sculpties maps are committed to the main viewer.

Anyway, the prim parts are not mandatory to wear, even if they are an important part of the set to make it look really how I wanted. They are modifiable, so that you can fit them to your shape. Once again, they are quite close to the body, so if you don't manage to see them for editing, detach them first, rezz them on the floor to make them larger, then wear again !

Well, I'm sorry for the long note, but I had to say all this so that you can fully enjoy the same warm feeling I have, wearing this on my loved sofa's cuffins !

This SLURL will lead you directly to the hot spot: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Venom/74/152/28

With all my tender thoughts,


PS - These sets are sold NO COPY, NO MOD, TRANSFER ( excepted for the prim parts that are MOD )

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