Fall has caught me by surprise

I spent some time in the garden, took care of the plants and flowers. Since a few days, the temperature in the evening is quite fresh, this took me back into the house. I put new , warm carpets and some cuffins near the fireplace, so now its really comfy inside.

This change in weather influed on my mood, I have been thinking mansions, big houses. I've been asking myself what sexy would mean if I lived in a big castle, surrounded by old massive furniture, rich curtains, letting slight domination ideas play with a severe will to be more attractive than ever.

This is how the Lilly outfit was born. I searched for the most intricate flower patterned satins, shiny, thick though fluid ribbons, and some delicate lace bits. I married them in a furiously sexy set, cut decided curves to enhance the spine and hip shapes, barely hiding the bottom lines with frilly ribbons...

I choosed classic warm, rich fall tones for the set:

These pictures were taken in the new amazing castle at Rustica . The creator of this masterpiece, Maxwell Graf, and his assistant Lyyric Fei, made me the honour to accept that I shoot photographies there, providing the perfect surrounding for my set. A big thank you to them ! You really want to go admire and evaluate the amazing quality of their furniture, and the incredible building and texturing work that has been done at Rustica and the neighboor regions.

Lilly comes with a variety of variations, to fit with your mood or clothing. The set includes a long corset, another shorter corset, and a classic bra, together with a really tiny string and a ribbon laced pantie. All these are declined into all the possible layers combinations, so if you have a tattoo or want to mix clothes you'll always find a solution.

The lace attachments are modifiable, so that you can fit them to your shape. They are designed to come very close to the body, so if they are too small to edit on your shape, just rezz them on the floor, scale them up a little, then wear again. The edit can be complex, take your time, prefer 'local' ruler for edit mode, get help from more experimented builders if you are lost !

I really hope this ensemble will satisfy the most exigent, and bring you that warm, comfy sexy feeling I get wearing them on the sofa as I write these lines.
Hoping to meet you soon at the INSOLENCE mainstore !



PS - These sets are sold NO COPY, NO MOD, TRANSFER, excepted for the lace parts that are MOD.

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