A new lingerie set for coming winter

Time passes, shadows stretch longer on the grass, everyone hides near the fireplace.
With the beggining of colder and shorter days, we want more than ever to be taken care, feel confortable
at home.

This is the spirit in which I created this new lingerie outfit. Velvet panels, covering though delicate lace frills,to feel warm secure yet seductive and glamorous.

The set is called Laure, and comes in 5 colours:

In each set you'll find several layers combinations, so that you can wear in in all occasions. Tattoo friendly versions should follow soon.

I want to give a big thanks to the awesome model Vyktor Maertens, who will with no doubt take the modelling scene by storm !

The displays are located in the freshly opened area of the store, so far it looks a bit empty there, but I'm on the hard work to fill it with lots of goodies. Expect boots, shoes, and a whole range of stockings. I'm willing to say 'soon', but I've been told its better to say nothing :)

This slurl will send you directly to the new ensemble :


Venom 206,157,28

Hoping you enjoy this piece of sewing as much as I liked making it,



Arianna Psaltery said...

ooooooooo beautiful. If only i had someone to wear it for :)

Seraphine said...

That is absolutely beautiful! I love especially the green.

I used your store and your lingerie in today's comic.
Encore Seraphine

Anitra said...

Keep up the good work.