Good news for Clothes Designers

My good friend TomHa Zymurgy just released an awesome tool for us clothes designers.

This is a 3D sculpted mannequin, 100% compatible with the Linden Lab female avatar textures.

It consists of 6 sculpted prims, just drop your textures into the parts contents, and voila, you have an awesome mannequin to showcase your products as worn by an avatar.

There are still a few imperfections on some seams, but TomHa is hard at work on the developpement of his
mannequin, so expect improved versions soon. The mannequin is for sale for $L100 as a no copy version, $L500 for the copy one.
This is something I have been wanting for real long, and I guess I'm not alone...

so head quickly to GRUNTHER (39,56,22) and give it a try !

camilla Yosuke


Hazel Kyrgyz said...

I picked this up when he mentioned it via the fash con channel..it's great! so glad someone spotlighted it as the creator deserves many lindens for this! :D

antonia marat said...

i cant find the copyable one. *pouts*

caLLie cLine said...

i'm running!!!


thanks camilla!!!



camilla said...

Antonia, I think the copy one is the one on the right, with the jeans on.
Left one is no copy

And YAY !! Its just awesome

Ana Lutetia said...

what a great idea

antonia marat said...

yep, i got the copyable one now. :D it wasnt set for sale at first, but it is now. and i love it!

gillian said...


isnt that just the BEST IDEA EVER!


-delaney whippet

Nicky Ree said...

this is a great idea - runs to get one

Sioxie Legend said...

Will definately get this! Need more please! In different poses - I would love to grab a bunch!

Anonymous said...

There WAS one available with a head too. I know cause I bought it somewhere, but I dismantled it and somehow lost the head and now I cant find where to buy it again. If anyone knows where I can get a copyable version with the head PLEASE let me know. Many thanks.
Doofus Mayo :D