INSOLENCE Staff Members changes

I am very glad today to introduce the INSOLENCE staff members !

As time passes, and thanks to your continued support and interest in my creations, I get less and less time to actually produce new items.
In order to sort this issue, I decided to delegate parts of my activity to a few awesome and trustworthy persons.

Aradia Dielli is our new Direction Assistant.

Aradia has had a long and remarked activity within the fashion world of SL.
She is the owner and CEO of FACES modelling and consulting agency, and author of her own blog, available on http://aradiadielli.wordpress.com/
Amongst other things, Aradia will be in charge of INSOLENCE public relations, advertising, events planning and customer support.

From now, any questions related to the following should be directed to her :

INSOLENCE products questions,
Exchanges, refunds,
Gift certificates,

I will NOT answer IMS or NOTECARDS related to the previous subjects from now on. I will ALWAYS answer to nice persons willing to share words or experiments !

For any buisness proposition, please IM me, camilla Yosuke, directly.

As a reminder, INSOLENCE is not currently hiring new models or searching for new outlets in malls.

Aradia recieves lots of IMs and sometimes these might end capped by SL. Please consider sending notecards if your IMs are not answered.

*** Spigola Supply is our Store Manager.

Spigola makes sure everything goes smoothly during your visit at the mainstore, and is always pleased to help for whatever reason.
She will help you both in the store or on IM for questions about INSOLENCE products.

*** INSOLENCE Updates Moderators

Danielle Astonia and Zandalee Rigaud are the fantastic MODERATORS for the INSOLENCE Updates Group.

They ensure the group chat is not used for SPAM or PERSONNAL CHAT.

I take advantage of this note to remind you all, the group is now a big group, and personal chat bothers everyone.
The primary purpose of the group is to allow the diffusion of notices about new releases and events.

Deliberate SPAMMERS will be ejected from the group without any notice, either by me or the Moderators.

*** Our gorgeous Japanese hostess Huhu Dovgal is always pleased to greet you at the store.

Huhu will make sure the Japanese community can find support about INSOLENCE products in their native language.

もし貴方が日本の方ならば、INSOLENCE製品に関する質問がありましたら、Huhu Dovgal(Japanese)に尋ねてください。

Hoping to bring you the best of ourselves, I allow myself to send you the best regards from all the staff.

camilla Yosuke

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Seraphine said...

Congrats to all. I love your store, Camilla. I love your designs. I love your lingerie. I love your shoes. Wishing you all the best and continued success.