Autumn shoes at INSOLENCE

Autumn is here and for good !
Time to reniew our wardrobes, from head to .. feet !

Straight in the exigence spirit of the INSOLENCE line,
I just released a new shoe design for the picky women I know you all to be !

The Elise Stilettos were designed to bring your footwear a natural, realistic look. The new sculpting tool allows for much more accurate designs, smooth and trendy lines.

These come with 4 autumn colours so far, more to come in the future!

As a tribute to our legs beauty, extra care was given to small details and texturing :

All this unfortunately has a drawback, related to technical reasons, so far a script is needed to alter the sculpted prims topology, so the shoes ** WILL LOOK BAD in NO SCRIPT ZONES **.
Think about it before buying the shoes! Hopefully LL brings us the fix soon !

Hoping to answer your fashion hopes, and to meet you soon at the store at :

INSOLENCE,Venom, 140,194,28


camilla Yosuke


ellen said...

How beautifull they are!I will share this with my friends on sugarmommymeet.com.

Anonymous said...

What tool did they use? I don't make shoes but furniture but you sounded like you were talking about some sort of new tool to make sculpted prims with. Is there one?

Arianna Psaltery said...

I LOVE the sheen to these shoes :) Perfect for autumn!

Ana Lutetia said...


dina said...

Nice shoes....I wanna buy the same type of shoes for my daughter but she like only josef seibel shoes...

Layara Fearne said...

Those are my favourite shoes in SL -I love them so much that I could not help but buy all four colours.

Are there any chances for a "spring edition" to be released, in different colours that are en vogue currently, for example beige/ oyster/ taupe or a pair in red?