* Easter Hunt @ INSOLENCE *

Easter is coming with its bunch of little chocolate thingies, candies and gifts ^_^

So lets try to keep alive the little child that hides deep in ourselves, hunting the little treasures in the garden :)

INSOLENCE will take part to a funny Sim to Sim Easter Hunt, organised by AnneAlyce Maertens and KAIZEN RETAILERS, INC.

From March 20th until March 23rd, 5 Easter Eggs will be hidden somewhere in the sim at Venom... find them and buy them for 1L to get the prizes! ;)

For further informations about rules and a complete list of the other participating stores, just touch the sign at the entrance of the INSOLENCE mainstore at Venom.

We wish you to HUNT the must fun!!!


This slurl will lead you to the main store entrance :


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