10 years may be a good time

After 10 years of SL presence, Insolence Lingerie creations will be off for a while.

The store at Gallii and the marketplace store have been removed and put offline.
I may, or not, be back to creating for 3D worlds at some point. For now, I am focusing my time and energy on other great artistic projects, and this will not allow me to continue to maintain service for the Insolence products.

I learned a lot during this journey. Specially the fact that, just like books and written letters do, virtual worlds allow us to access and communicate with the very intimate soul that resides within people. What we meet there are the real persons that, for various reasons, cannot freely express in real life.
This reveals both the best and the worse, not only about others, but also about one self. As such , my SL experiment allowed me to know things about myself that would never have surfaced without it. This is really nice.

I would like to very specially thank Palomma Casanova for the help that she provided during these 10 years of SL experimentations. 

Have fun !


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