A New Sweet Lingerie Set @ INSOLENCE !

I can see the trees waving in the wind outside, through the thin frost layer on the windows glass. Sometimes a bunch of snow falls from a branch, in a white glittering firework. I have added more carpets and cuffins around the sewing machine, the tea is hot, little clouds of vapour floating above my mug. The cat decided that he would live here too, curled in the mess of fabric chunks.

What better conditions to create a new winter lingerie set ? Being here, surrounded by familiar objects, comfy and warm. I spent some time just watching the amazing patterns of the ice cristals on the windows. They inspired me for the fabric of the new ensemble I am releasing today:

Agnes, is a simple though precious 3 pieces set, including a corset, panties and matching stay ups. This comfortable set, will be perfect to be worn at home, just for the pleasure of feeling its sweet fabric wrapped around you. Subtle tulle frills enhance lines on your back, the intricate fabric pattern and the tiny bows catch eyes in a swirl of sexy warmth.

The Agnes Set comes in 6 winter colors:

Classic Black :

Light Grey :

A Soft Rose/Pink:

Mysterious Purple :

Natural Beige :

and a pure White :

I included both underwear and top layers for all of you who would like to wear it with tattoos, or using the corset as a top, if the sun decides to show !

The set is of course transfer, making it a perfect Valentine's gift, so, boys (and girls ! ) , come on, dare coming to the store and offer a sexy little gift to your sweet one :)

Follow this slurl to go directly to the new release in the mainstore.
I hope to see you soon there !

On the side of this sweet release, I just wanted to give you news about the Intimate Light photo contest. The deadline for January edition just passed, and we have started sorting your entries. You all did an amazing photography work, and the jury will have hard time to decide !!
We will make the winners public in the next release of Avenue Magazine, so, keep patient for a few days more !!
Starting from february the 9th and until March the 8th , I am taking your entries for the february edition, and the new theme is : Valentine, Valentine...

Just as a reminder, prices are a $L 10000 cash gift and a $1000 rebate on Avenue Models Academy registration for the grand winner, and 9 Insolence storecards of various amounts for the 9 following nominees. Please tp to the mainstore entry for the rules if you don't know them, a display will deliver everything you need !

sweet thoughts to all the Valentines, and a big kiss to everyone !


PS - the Agnes sets are NO COPY, NO MOD, TRANSFER

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