More Mesh Boots @ INSOLENCE !

As promised when I released the first mesh boots for INSOLENCE, back in November last year, I am expanding the Mesh shoes range today !

I wanted to create this boot design since quite some time, and never took the time to do it with sculpted prims. Mesh allows me to play with detailing and texturing much more easily !

The Christine boots are an experiment in mixing a classical shoe and high heel shape, with a casual, sport like lacing. As a result, we have here a highly sexy low boot, with quite a strong personality. ! That should be the perfect shoe for going out dancing at night !

I took extra care at polishing the finest details and crafting, as well as keeping the lines in the INSOLENCE spirit of upscale elegance, for your best foot fetish pleasure :

The boots come in 6 tones :

Classic, warm Brown for a dinner in town :

A lighter Beige will work great for an elegant outfit :

White, shining in the night lights :

Girly in Pink !

Purple is quite sweet too :

And Black for a military feel on heels !

The shoes come in three sizes, so almost everyone should be able to wear them without problem. Please DO TRY THE DEMOS FIRST !!

They are available right now at the INSOLENCE Mainstore new releases area , and the Marketplace version will follow shortly.

As usual, special Group Only vendors are here for all the Insolence Updates Group members, delivering the shoes and a special fat pack at a friendly price ! Please check my profile if you want to join the group, it is free for everyone !

Hoping to meet you there soon !

Foot-fetishly yours,


PS -

Please note that in order to fully enjoy these shoes, you will have to meet a few conditions :

1 ) First you need a MESH ENABLED viewer, of course.
At the time of writing this note, one can use either the official SL 3.2 Viewer, or the 3.2.2 Firestorm Viewer. There may be others that I am not aware of, and there will certainly be more options in the future.

2 ) Then your shape has to be somewhat close to the one I used to create the boots.

I included three sizes for the boots, so you should be able to wear them with quite a range of usual leg shapes.

PLEASE DO USE the DEMOS before purchasing the shoes to make sure they will fit you !

Your "Knee Angle" leg setting MUST BE the default 50.

So far we do not have a way to have our attachments automatically adjust to our shapes, but thanks to the hard work by Qarl Fizz, this shouldn't be an issue in some future.

3 ) You must wear the shoe base, so that your feet do not go through the ground.

4 ) You must wear one of the 2 provided Alpha layers, so that parts of your body do not show through the boots. Experiment which length fits the best in your case.

I included the Alpha textures as full perm, so you can edit them at your will and include them in your own alphas. This way you can mix them with other alphas, if the creator gave you the textures too. This is useful if you plan to wear the boots together with another mesh clothing item. I urge every designers to do the same for the pleasure of everyone !