New HOT Fishnet release at INSOLENCE !

Oh Dear this summer has been so HOT !
No way to cool down. I have tried everything from staying bare foot all day on the terracotta tiles, immersing every two hours in the neighboors pools, living in front of the open fridge...I keep feeling like a lazy cat, and can't move a finger without getting all sweaty...

Hot, sweat, lazy cat... what happens to me ? My brain goes into associations...and I go on a naughty mood again !
I didn't need much more than that and your frequent lovely requests for some hotter sets, to ( slowly but surely ) crawl until the sewing machine, and create a new spicy set for the coming dawn.

Lea is a direct, deliberately outrageous and naughty fishnet lingerie line. Staying within classic lines but making use of the strongly suggestive fishnet mesh, this set is another attempt to mix elegant cutting and sexy sheerness. I added a thin simple lace border at some parts to slightly tame and soften the global feel. That should catch some eyes at the right spot !

Lea comes in black only for now, but the included optional tiny ties are color changing, letting you fit the set to your mood or clothing.

I made four different designs, all based on the hot fishnet base :

First a sexy corset / suspender combination, with a pluging cut in the back, and a lovely hole on the chest :

Naturally ( or is it that naughtiness I suffer from ? ), came an even hotter variation, with ...oh, see by yourself:

( oh no, they are all looking now, I'll hide it :P )

Then I couldn't resist spraying the net all over the body, but I let the delicious parts easily visible and... accessible...

And last, for now, for the more classical minded of you, I added the everlasting Bra / Panties/ Garters combo. Simple but always effective :

The whole serie was made with high quality in mind, and features seamless and even fishnet texturing all over the body.
I also included ( not photographied ) an extra pair of long gloves with each set.

As usual, Lea comes with all possible layers, so that you can wear this above, under, with, without... your tattoos, dresses, skirts...any possibilites...

So if you really need an effective fire starter to drive your beloved completely crazy, but you want to enjoy the quality and level of exigence that I always try to provide you with, don't search anymore, and teleport directly to the INSOLENCE mainstore !

You will find the new HOT Lea sets at the lovely price of 200 $L, including all layers, ties and extra gloves !

With all my naugthy thoughts,

camilla ( -> goes for a cold water tub )

PS - The furnitures on the pictures are from Stilissimo.