A New Sweet Summer Set @ INSOLENCE

Hello !!

As some of you may have noticied, I have been taken away from SL a couple of monthes, due to other projects I am working on.

I'm back ! With an abloutely sweet lingerie set, that comes just in time for the start of a new summer season !

Emily is a sweet, cute, lovely light tulle ensemble, that you want to wear on a brand new fresh morning, having decided that it will be a wonderful day ! I tried to put all the cuteness I could into these little bits of thin fabric, to end with the girliest lingerie set you could dream of :)

Emily comes in 6 colors, the base remains white, but the flower pattern changes. Panties and two tops are included in the sets : a classic bra, and a light short corset :

Pure white for the pure girl in you !

Baby pink for extra sweetness,

Oh, no, this is even sweeter after all.

Fresh spring green for fresh mornings.

Baby Blue, I can't decide which is the cutest.

maybe violet ?

As usual, the set includes both underwear and top layers for all tatoo lovers or those of you who would dare wearing it on top with jeans !

The pictures were taken in the amazing buildings of Las Lagunas, capital of Las Islas Republic. You CANNOT miss these islands ! If you didn't already, I can only STRONGLY suggest a holiday week with you love on these white sand beaches, enjoying a fresh drink at the shadows of the Mediterranean houses, or just staring at the wonderful waves and submarine grounds.. This little piece of paradise is brought to you by Naiman Broome, owner and creator of Las Islas.
A big thank you to him for letting me shoot there !

I hope you will feel how it was the perfect place for the Emily Set, and that I can meet you at the INSOLENCE mainstore, where the set is displayed and for sale since... NOW !

With all my love,

kind regards,