ooo I love these !!!

Hello !!

I am just back from a short holidays pause, working on new releases that should appear ... soon.

Yesterday, the magic side effects of search, got me to discover something which I really love, and which has nothing to do with fashion, but that I couldn't keep for me. I'm sure you will LOVE these too :)

A quick TP sent me to http://slurl.com/secondlife/Plush Kappa/84/228/21,
home of Plantpets, where I found the first GROWING plants I have ever seen in SL. I have heard about some long ago, but these are really stunning and cute.

I spent a moment in the store watching all the nice pictures, and trying to understand how it works, which is really easy ... take care of your plant, she will be happy and blossom. Leave her for too long, and she will shrink and get dry.
There is a little moisture indicator, and you can know about your plant's health in a little menu.
You can also add someone in the list of people who are allowed to take care of them.
Another nice feature, is that these are temporary rezzed, so, although it does weight on the server, your prim count will not raise despite the plants are quite complex and beautiful :)

As I was reading and discovering, the lucky chair called my letter, and I was offered a beautiful Blue Jacynth, which is growing in my home now :) Hopefully if you visit their store, your letter will come too, so hurry there, take some time to browse all the varieties and cross fingers ;)
I have been surprised by the speed of growth, which you can set, but even at the lowest speed, I found they are a bit fast. I could talk with Bruce Liebknecht, the creator, and he told me he and his staff are working on much slower ones.

I couldn't help but offer one to some friend of mine, which is easy with the 'gift' option of the vendors. As you can see, these guys have thought about everything, and the contact I had was really friendly. How could it be else when talking about flowers ?

The plant themselves and particularly the flowers are absolutely delicate, the texturing and sculpt work is simply amazing. I have been drawing flowers for some time, and I have to say I admire the sense of observation and spacial perception of these people. No doubt that they are flowers lovers, but also really good 3D artists, who have know how to express the subtle beauty of petals and leaves with the rather -yet- limited features of SL. I just incline with respect ^^

The care part of the plants is really funny and easy, it somewhat reminds me my old tamagoshi, which must be in a deep coma right now, but when it was a silly, noisy messy pet, here we are talking poetry and grace. --- more after the cut ---

Plantpets offer a reseller vendor for free, which allows you to sell their products in your own store. You will be rewarded a commission, which varies between 20 and 40 % depending on the amount you sell.
No need to say I have instantly grabbed one and installed it at the Insolence mainstore, in the hope of helping spraying these unique plants all across SL :)

It is located just at the opposite side of the store when you enter, and you will see a growing flower here. The vendor is limited to 11 species, so if like me you fall in love with them, I strongly push you to have a walk to their mainstore, in http://slurl.com/secondlife/Plush Kappa/84/228/21

Now I will have to stop writing, I think you got it that I'm totally in love with these plants, but I need to go water mine, then try to get back on my lingerie sets.

a huge hug for flowers lovers,